Sunday, 15 May 2016

Provided for Review: Neulii AHA Vita Brightening Serum

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Neulii AHA Vita Brightening Serum! This was sent to me by Neulii, though I did choose to try this one full size since I really liked the samples!
"Features Brightening Serum that makes skin vigorous and glossy with ideal amount of natural AHA, exfoliating ingredient and Vitamin C.

How to use
Enhance skin condition by applying proper amount of contents after cleansing or toner stage. Natural Extract Serum having smooth absorption to be used together with any products."(1)
This serum comes packaged in cute white and orange packaging, just like the Aloe BHA Serum!
It also has a frosted plastic bottle and a hygienic pump and cap.
The serum itself is watery in texture, and slightly foul smelling. It's really easy to apply and dries down quickly. I like to apply this AHA at night, though it will make my skin photosensitive for up to 7 days, so sunscreen must be applied religiously (which I do anyway!).
This AHA has a PH of 3.8 which isn't too bad, though my skin seems quite tolerant of acids. I started of using this serum every third day for the first two weeks, then every second day for the next two weeks, and now I'm using it every day and my skin feels absolutely amazing. I haven't over-exfoliated at all, though for someone expecting a big change through using an AHA this may be slightly too gentle.

I find it interesting that this is an AHA serum with Vitamin C, when the Vitamin C component of the serum (Ascorbic Acid) is only 0.0010%.

What I Love
- Works well to gently exfoliate my skin
- Quite inexpensive
- Low PH of 3.8

What I Don't Love
- Potentially a little too gentle for those used to AHA

Final Thoughts
I actually really like this serum, and if I had purchased it myself I think I would be very happy with it! I think so many people mistake these types of reviews for being biased because they were free, but it is really being bought by my in terms of my hard work reviewing it, and I feel like in this instance my hard work has paid off because I really like this product! The only potential downside is that it's a little too gentle for some, but it is perfect for my skin and it really is making my skin feel and look super soft.

I would recommend this Serum for any Princesses looking for a gentle AHA product with a little bit of Vitamin C!

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  2. Hello,
    I really love your blog and how honest you are in your reviews, and was wondering what is your favourite AHA products? I haven't used any BHAs and AHAs other than COSRX' and I would like to try some new good ones, and thought why not ask you ^^


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