Monday, 9 May 2016

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Acuvue 1 Day Define Natural Shine

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Acuvue 1 Day Define Natural Shine Lenses! I bought these to be a slightly enlarging every day lens, but they really are very uncomfortable for me to wear.

"DIA: 14.2mm
Graphic DIA: 13.6mm
BC: 8.5mm
Using Period: Daily disposable
Water Contect: 59%
Manufacturer ; JOHNSON & JOHNSON"(1)
These lenses feature a black, grey limbal ring which spikes inwards, dotted with honey brown spikes and dots. These are super natural, and suit my eyes really well.
This lens has a very standard diameter, though the diameter of 14.2mm is slightly misleading, the graphic diameter is only 13.6mm (only stated on some websites) meaning these lenses are only very slightly enlarging.
I found a fault in almost every left lens of mine, either they were printed incorrectly, or in this case there was a hole in the lens which is extremely dangerous for your eyes. This is a good reminder to check your lens before putting them in your eyes!

These lenses look really lovely on my eyes, they're naturally enlarging and not too harsh. They would be the perfect lenses, but ...

My biggest failure with this lens is that they are the wrong base curve for my eye. It's unfortunate that they only product these lenses with the base curve of 8.5 because I really just cannot wear them because of this. It's so important to have a properly fitting contact lens, because of how this lens slips around my eyes I can't wear them for anything other than filming which only takes around an hour and doesn't involve me looking around so much. My worry is that the lens will get trapped under my eyelid (though they cannot get lost behind your eye, so don't worry about that) it is a little painful and mostly just annoying to have to get them out from under the eyelid, so I would just prefer not to have to deal with that. It really is a pity because otherwise this lens is really comfortable, natural and everything I wanted other than the base curve.

What I Love
- Very natural enlarging
- Great colour for brown eyes
- Super duper comfortable
- Great oxygen permeability  

What I Don't Love
- Only produced in an 8.5 base curve??
- Slips around my eyes
- Hard to see through because of movement
- Makes me anxious that I will loose them in my eyeballs

Final Thoughts
I really wanted to love this lens, though after reading a lot of reviews, it seems that my biggest issue with this lens is the same as everyone elses biggest issue, the base curve. I would love to try other Acuvue lenses with a different base curve since they are much better for your eyes than a traditional circle lens that cuts of the oxygen flow to your eyes a lot more. If only these fit better, they probably would've been a Holy Grail rather than a Fail!

I would recommend these lenses to any Princesses looking for a great natural looking lens, but not for any Princesses without a base curve of 8.5.

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