Sunday, 1 May 2016

Provided for Review: Neulii Aloe BHA Soothing Serum

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Neulii Aloe BHA Soothing Serum! This serum was sent to me for review by Neulii.

"Features Gel-type serum that helps in recovering roughened and sensitive skin, contains natural BHA and aloe, excellent for calming skin.

How to use
Enhance skin condition by applying proper amount of contents after cleansing or toner stage. Natural Extract Serum having smooth absorption to be used together with any products."(1)

This serum comes packaged in a really pretty blue and white themed box and bottle.
The bottle is made of sturdy, frosted plastic and comes with a hygienic pump and cap.
This serum has a thick, almost gel like texture. It's clear in colour and smells like very little. It's easy to spread on the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving a slightly tacky finish.
This serum did confuse me initially, since it contained BHA I assumed that it would be exfoliating. However, after asking the company I discovered that the percentage of BHA in the form of betaine Salicylate is at such a low percentage at 0.05% and the PH level is so high at 7.7 that there is really no chance that it has any exfoliating effects. 
For me, this serum works best as a soothing, hydrating serum. I use this morning and night at the moment and it's adding to the many light layers of hydration without overwhelming my skin. I also trialled it on my younger sisters sensitive skin and she reported that she had no irritation from it either!

What I Love
- Easy to apply and absorbs quickly
- Great for sensitive skin
- Soothing and hydrating
- Quite inexpensive at about $15USD

What I Don't Love
- The BHA doesn't really do anything at a percentage of 0.05 and PH of 7.7

Final Thoughts
I quite like this serum for light hydration and calming my skin, but I don't think it's a revolutionary product for me in particular since my skin is only a touch sensitive. It's great for layering with other products to boost the hydration of my skin, and since it is fragrance free it seems to be quite nice for sensitive skin! But in all honesty, I don't think this is a must item for me in my skincare regime. 

I would however, recommend this product for any Princesses with sensitive skin that are looking for a lightly hydrating, and soothing serum. ^ ^

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  1. Aw and that's how you write smart and good reviews! Even asking the company for the % of active ingradients and measuring the ph. I'm surprised the % is so, so very low, but then they said 'soothing'..
    I think I have a sample of this too, got 1 or 2 samples of their new range, which I do find appealingly no-nonsense and kinda promising.

    1. Thank you! ^ ^ I liked some of their other products much more than this one, so they do make some quality products!


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