Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Review: Fairy Princess Brown Lenses

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Fairy Princess Brown Lenses from Pinkicon! I personally prefer to wear 1 day coloured contact lenses while recording Youtube videos as well as special occasions since it's more hygienic, less expensive and just less of a hassle!

"Brand: FAIRY by Sincere-Vision
Imported from: Japan
Diameter: 14.2 mm (lens), 13.3 mm (pattern)
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Duration: daily disposable
Package contents: 5 pairs (10 pcs) all of the same power

One of the top 3 best-selling cosmetic circle contact lens in Japan! As seen on famous Japanese Popteen fashion model Izuoka MIsaki!

FAIRY 1-Day Princess series gives your eyes a fascinating tint of color surrounded by a gradated dark limbal ring to define and enlarge the iris.

Benefits of FAIRY 1-Day Color Con:
No maintenance or storage needed for the lenses
Simply remove and chuck the lenses at the end of the day and you're done!
Wearing a brand new pair of totally clean, deposit-free lenses every time
No need to carry lens case or travel kit when you go out"(1)
These lenses come packaged in super adorable packaging and there are 10 lenses (5 pairs) in each packet. I purchased two sets since my eyes have different prescriptions.
Like most daily disposable lenses, these come in blister packs which are super convenient and don't need to be soaked. This is fantastic for short travel as you don't have to take solution with you or lens cases!
Each blister pack comes with the lens soaked in saline solution that is safe for your eyes, though I find that this particular brand stings a little.
This is the inside of the lens, you can see how large the clear ring is on the outside of the limbal ring! I really like the lens design and how it fades naturally into my natural iris colour, but still has a defined dark limbal ring.
They look quite nice on my eyes, if you only had a quick glance you might mistake these for my natural eyes, though if you were to look me in the eye for extended periods of time you would notice the lens for sure.
Indoors they look like they blend into my iris well, but outdoors you can really see the limal ring quite clearly.

What I Love
- Nice natural colour
- Slight enlargement
- Fit well to the eye, not to plasticy
- Easy to travel with, no solution needed
- Adorable packaging
- Mid range price at about $19USD for 5 pairs  

What I Don't Love
- Tend to dry out eyes quicker than regular lenses
- Solution stings eyes slightly 

Final Thoughts
I really like these lenses! The design is really nice for my eyes, they're not horrifically expensive and they fit well to my eyes. They are a little drying so I don't really like to wear these for over 6 hours (so they are not great lenses for a full day at work) but I can get away with wearing these lenses out and about since they are quite natural looking. I'd love to wear circle lenses daily, but sadly New Zealand is pretty unforgiving and it's not very normal to have huge dead looking eyes, so these are nice enough to enhance my eyes without having people stare at me like a freak.  
I would definitely recommend these lenses to any Princesses looking for a nice, enlarging daily lens! ^ ^

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  1. I love the color for the lenses!! It's too bad that they made your eyes dry! I really would like to try these though! :) Awesome review!


    1. Grab them anyway! ^ ^ They're not terribly drying, almost anything isn't as comfortable as my monthly silicone hydrogel lenses so I wouldn't be too concerned!


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