Friday, 26 February 2016

First Impression: Meow Cosmetics Blush – Masterpiece, Taboo

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Taboo and Masterpiece blushes from Meow Cosmetics! These are the last of the blush samples that I picked up from them a while ago! ^ ^

What Does It Do?
Masterpiece Blush
"Our newest blush collection, uniquely formulated and unlike any other blush you've ever tried.  They're sumptuously sheer, and sweep on your cheeks invisibly, leaving only a pure wash of gorgeous colors behind!   Available in a timeless, ageless palette of classic hues and inspired by the eternal beauty of masterpiece paintings, you'll fall in love with them all!  Bask in their beauty."(1)
The Kiss - Cool sultry Tea Rose
Uhh Tea Rose? I almost see nothing on this swatch and in real life. It's crazy how light the shade is because it sure doesn't look like that on the online swatch!
It's certainly very glittery, though I can't see any colour on my cheeks at all!
 I tried it as a highlight too.
 No such luck. I can still barely see it in the photos or in real life. What?

Taboo Blush
"Luminous, lightweight, airy and ever so slightly kissed with unexpected iridescent glow! The Taboo blush palette is a bit  like peering  *through* a rainbow arching across the sky.  Neither sparkly nor matte, these soft and creamy colors will Formulated to be as light as the air itself and lightly kissed with mystical glowing radiance, these are taboos that everyone should have!"(2)
Racy - Bright  and cheery! This warm-neutral sugary sweet pink shade has a subtle golden glow
This is not my idea of a sugary sweet pink shade, this is more like red to me! It's very sheer and quite glittery.
This actually looks quite cute on the cheeks, but lord was it hard to blend. I blended out a fair bit of my foundation which really frustrated me, but I had to blend it in really well because it looked so patchy and clownish on my cheeks.
Dirty Talk - Medium hued warm coral infused with golden pink glow
Sorry, coral what? This is definitely a brown tone for me!
It definitely has a golden glittery glow though! This blush makes me look quite clownish since it is quite dark and it doesn't look that flattering on my pores and it's not a flattering colour for my skin either.
Would I Purchase This Product?
Uhh no. The colours of these blushes don't look very similar to the ones advertised on the website which is quite frustrating, but more than that, they don't really perform well either. All three are super glittery which makes my pores appear larger, and the two darker shades are quite difficult to blend out making my cheeks look clownish and patchy, or if blended out well makes my foundation look patchy. I ain't having none of that. 

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