Monday, 15 February 2016

Store Review: Pretty and Cute

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Pretty and Cute! I've been waiting to purchase this particular product for SO LONG NOW and I finally bit the bullet and just bought it, justifying it with it being a birthday gift for myself!

Website Practicality
This website is so super cute, I signed up and registered in 2012 (WHAT) and have wanted to shop there ever since I set eyes on the pretty pink site. I found the site quite easy to navigate, though you to have to click into one of the categories to find the left hand side bar that has the search button! I found it easy to create a login, put items in my cart and check out.
Price Comparison
The prices on Pretty and Cute are pretty high, not something I would usually justify if I didn't have a coupon to use and nowhere else to buy this particular item from!

Pretty and Cute
Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur - $18.00 + Shipping $3.09 = $21.09

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur $10.35 + Shipping $5.66 = $16.01

Cosmetic Love
Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur $14.48

Shipping and Packaging
I made my purchase on the 15th of January, it was shipped on the ed and arrived at my house on the 4th of February. This isn't the quickest shipping, but it got here in the end. The tracking stopped in Florida on the 21st so I was a little worried about my precious parcel. When it arrived, it came in a plain cardboard box, had an invoice and one free sample on the inside, and the cutest pink packaging peanuts! However, the product itself wasn't bubble wrapped, but padded with peanuts, though you can see that it's not actually fully padded because it's pushed up to the side of the box which is an issue.
Etude House Etoinette Heart Highlighter - $55USD
We have one casualty! The middle heart is entirely broken up (the other side is the worst) which totally sucks. I have full confidence this wouldn't have happened if the package was bubble wrapped because I have the other two heart blushes and non arrived damaged in the slightest. Irritating. Of course I still totally adore this product, I'm a collector and hoarder and this product is no longer available anywhere else that will ship to US or NZ.

EDIT: I did contact Pretty and Cute about the broken heart just to let them know that the packaging wasn't sufficient and they sent me a $10 gift card as an apology and have passed on the message to their packaging team. A+ customer service! 

Final Thoughts
Although I initially enjoyed my shopping experience with Pretty and Cute, I'm pretty miffed that my LE item arrived damaged (even though it seems so petty, it's now sold out everywhere). I just wish companies would just take the time to bubble wrap their products, there was a chunk of bubble wrap sitting on top of the peanuts, but since the highlighter had slipped flush to the side of the box with no peanuts or bubble wrap in the way, there is no real surprise that it was damaged. I am however satisfied that they took my petty complaint seriously rather than just blowing it off as a product fault since the hearts are fragile.

I would recommend shopping with Pretty and Cute if there is something that's insanely cheap, limited edition or something that won't break easily in the mail because they don't bubble wrap their products separately (for now).

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  1. Oh no! What a shame that it broke! :( Does it come in a cute pink cup like the blushes?

    1. It does! It's so super cute even though it's broken! ^ ^

  2. Ah no! Sorry to hear that it arrived broken :(
    It's always disappointing especially when you've been looking forward to something being shipped if it arrives in less than perfect condition.

  3. That sucks :( I hate it when stuff like that happens! At least it can still be used.


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