Friday, 19 February 2016

First Impression: Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack! Donkey Milk is a little bit of a squicky ingredient for most people, but I was super interested in this new ingredient that I splashed out and bought one of each type to test out. So adventurous!

What Does It Do?
 "About Donkey Milk
Donkey milk has been used as beauty treatment for centuries. Always known but forgotten for a while, it reappears as the star ingredient in skincare in Korea.

Donkey milk is the closest mammal milk to human milk in biochemical composition, containing Cassein, Albumin, Fat, lactose, Salt and Water and is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D, C and E. Also calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, zinc, biostimulines and glycerol alkyl. Owing to its rich content of nutrients, its an excellent moisturizer that also has anti-agiing, regenerative and healing properties."(1)

In general, these masks have such an interesting texture! They seem to be a thin gauze like material that's covered in a thin gel. It feels a little gross, but in general they smell really nice! I found that I couldn't leave these sheet masks on for more than 20 minutes because they dried down and stuck to my skin which was quite unpleasant, though fiddyshades wears hers for 45mins minimum - am I doing it wrong!?! The fit isn't awful, though it tents over my nose bridge as usual and the eye holes are a little narrow. I find it a little funny that the forehead is so high and oval, it kinda emphasizes my rounder face shape!

"It is a hydrogel mask that is infused with an abundant amount of donkey milk. The skin healing formula which includes a long list of botanical ingredients promises to soothe, heal and comfort irritated and acne prone skin."(1)
The Healing mask is Lavender scented, and super relaxing on the skin! I found this mask really hydrating and lovely to use, I found that it calmed down a couple of spots of acne too!
"It is a hydrogel mask that is infused with an abundant amount of donkey milk. Besides donkey milk, the mask also contains honey (for moisturising and brightening), licorice root extract (anti-inflammatory, reducing redness)."(2) 
The Aqua mask made my skin feel hydrated and soft, but not greasy. It was quite nice, and something I would I would try again!

"It is a hydrogel mask that is infused with an abundant amount of donkey milk. The Whitening mask also contains Salmon Egg Extract (anti aging) and Garden Burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis L; anti- inflammatory, and whitening)."(3)
The Whitening Mask stung my skin a little which was a little bit unusual for me, but this one had a really nice musky floral scent! I thought that it did make my skin slightly brighter and it made it feel quite soft without being overly drenched.

Would I Purchase These Products?
Yes, I quite like these! I think that I like them all quite equally, though I find the Healing mask has the nicest and most soothing scent which is quite nice when you're chilling out and wearing a mask for 20mins. I'm not 100% sure of the skincare effects of Donkey Milk, but I am intrigued enough to purchase 10x to see the longer term use effects!

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  1. Your skin is looking great these days!!

  2. These look rather interesting Donkey Milk! Where did you purchase them from? Im keen to try out some new face masks! Great post though, Ive just started following you and really enjoying so far. Hope you have an amazing day :) -Cynta


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