Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review: It's Skin Babyface Finish Beam: Gold Beam

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the super cute Babyface Finish Beam from It's Skin! This product is exactly what it sounds like, super cute baby face packaging with an intense highlighter inside. I picked this up in one of my previous Roseroseshop hauls, which explains the old watermarking!
Baby Face Finish Beam

Natural shine expression Bright pearl texture for a healthy and cute make up look. When used on clavicle and shoulder, gives a three-dimensional body look.


1. Pink Beam – Lovely pink beam, used for cheeks.
2. Gold Beam – Silky and three-dimensional body look, used for body." (1)
I purchased this for $4.40USD from Roseroseshop, though they no longer stock it, it currently costs around $4USD from Testerkorea. I chose the shade Gold Beam which has a vibrant gold colour. I originally chose it to use as a highlighter for my face, although Testerkorea's description implies that the Gold is best used as a body highlighter.
This highlighter is quite intense, this is a light application using a tapered brush. I can get a sheerer, more natural finish by using my fingers, but I can also get a more intense finish by just picking up more product from the pan!
The colour is quite metallic, though there are no obvious glitters in the formula which is my personal preference. I do find that the highlighter sits on top of the skin in a very powdery way, rather than being blended into the skin which isn't so flattering. Using my fingers gives much more of a blended appearance, but also makes the highlighter less intense (which I am OK with!) ^.^
I did find using this highlighter as a body highlight quite nice, it worked really well as a highlighter on my collarbones! It's much more subtle on the body than on the face.

What I Love
- Inexpensive at $4USD
- Super cute and functional packaging
- Build-able but also sheer-able
- Intense instagram worthy finish 
- Doesn't exaggerate uneven skin tone
- Beautiful body highlighter

What I Don't Love
- Very metallic, not so natural
- Can look a little powdery, sits on top of the skin
Final Thoughts
This highlighter is definitely Instagram worthy in the sense that it can easily go overboard into an insane highlight that just looks ridiculous in real life, but it can also be applied in a very natural looking way with fingers which makes it very versatile! It's inexpensive, works well as a body highlighter and also a lovely face highlighter. The packaging is also adorable!

I would definitely recommend this Finish Beam for any Princesses who are looking for a super cute highlighter, but not for anyone that is looking for a very natural looking highlight. ^.^ 


  1. OMG, it's so cute i just want to get my hands on it >w< i'm more for the natural looking finish but this one is really calling to me *A*)/


    1. The packaging is just too adorable! I want to get the pink shade as well ><

  2. Ahhhhhh it's so cute! Great swatches and I love your inner corner highlight too xxx


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