Friday, 7 August 2015

First Impression: Oasis Beauty BB Cream - The Bardot

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Oasis Beauty BB Cream in the shade The Bardot! I received this tester in a goodie bag from a makeup meetup, and was immediately intrigued since I've tried Oasis Beauty's BB Cream's in the old formula back in 2013 when I enjoyed the square brow look.

What Does It Do?
"Imagine a product that instantly covers your imperfections and gives you a flawless complexion, but also works over time to visibly improve the look and feel of your skin

Don't imagine...that's what a BB cream does!

The Bardot BB Cream is best suited to lighter skin tones and offers a mid coverage unlike The Monroe and The Hepburn, which offer a more full coverage

Here is what The Bardot natural BB cream offers you:

- Natural mid coverage mineral foundation with a dewy fresh finish
- Protect your skin with broad spectrum SPF coverage, which we all know is the number one step in anti-ageing
- Help to correct skin imperfections over time with Vitamins B5, C and E, pomegranate, red grape skin extract, hyaluronic acid, jojoba, rosehip, calendula, shea butter, sweet almond and apricot kernal
- Good for all skin types, Bardot is especially suited for dry to normal skin types
- Recommended for sensitive skin, but that doesn't mean everyone else can't use it
- Love Bardot, but want the matte finish? Just pop a bit of powder over top

Oasis natural BB creams contain no silicone, fragrance or talc.  They are paraben free and, most importantly, cruelty free."(1)
The colour is obviously a little dark for me, and somehow looks a little a little pink on my face in comparison to my neck. I think this is mostly because my face does have some redness (and red scars) and this BB Cream has quite a sheer finish, so it doesn't cover too much of my redness.
I was really pleasantly surprised by the lovely finish of this BB Cream! Even though it's quite sheer and ends up being the wrong colour, it has such a smooth finish on the skin which is really flattering for pores, uneven skin texture and fine lines! The best surprise for me was this BB Cream didn't get stuck in the wrinkles under my eyelids or on top of my lids!
I found that this BB Cream lasted quite well, only looking a little shiny throughout the T-Zone after 6 hours. It didn't wear off throughout the day or fade in any places!

Would I Purchase This Product?
No, because it's not the right colour for me (there are only three shades), but I actually really like it as a product! It's super easy to apply using fingers, sponge or brushes, gives and absolutely gorgeous soft satiny finish that's really flattering for uneven skin, pores and fine lines, and it also lasts quite well throughout the day!

I would definitely recommend this BB Cream for any Princesses who fit within the three shades because the formula is absolutely lovely! The two darker shades have fuller coverage (not sure why) but if you try the shade The Bardot, just make sure you're ok with very light coverage! ^.^


  1. aww this actually sounds like such a good product! except i like my bb creams medium to full coverage haha ^_^

    1. I have a special place for light coverage BB's (so easy in a rush!) but also prefer fuller coverage ;)


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