Friday, 21 August 2015

First Impression: Meow Cosmetics Brow Beaters

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Meow Cosmetics Brow Beaters! I only bought two shades to try out, but there are eight shades in the entire range!
What Does It Do?
"Specially formulated to cling to your brush, enhance and control your brows!

Brow-taming mineral wonders!  You asked for them and we listened.  Our new Brow Beaters Brow Powders have an entirely different feel than any other product we have ever offered.  They are totally matte, yet soft and blendable.  Specially formulated to tame and color intensify your brow, beautifully.  Their unique texture clings to your brush for easy application and accuracy.  You'll wonder what you did without them!" (1)

The first shade that I tried was the Medium Brown, and it looks a TON more warm toned in real life than it does on the website. I much prefer cool toned products for my brows because my hair is cool toned.
I did find that this brow powder did stick to the brush much more than usual, and it did make the application much more vibrant. However, I much prefer a more natural looking brow, and having the pigment stick to the brush made me apply this product much more heavily than I would like.
The next shade that I purchased is the Soft Brown shade! This shade is much cooler than the Medium Brown, but it's so much less vibrant and creamy!
The colour looks much more flattering on the brow, but still tends to be too bold for me at the tail of the brow (where I start filling in my brow). The description states that this Brow product tames brows, but I feel like it really does nothing for my long, curly eye brows.

Would I Purchase This Product?
Probably not. I found the loose powder form of the Brow Beaters quite hard to work with, because I prefer my brows to look more natural rather than obviously filled in. I found this quite hard to work with because when the brush picks up the product, you have to wipe it off and waste product because you can't tap it off! This ends up with me way over applying the product and my brows don't look natural at all.

I think these Brow Beaters would be perfect for Princesses that really like a full, crisp brow, but not so much for anyone who prefers a more natural brow look like me. ^.^

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