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Fail or Holy Grail Review: Skinfood Rose Essence Blusher

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Rose Essence Blushers! I picked these up from a couple of places and was originally quite conflicted as to whether I should even bother purchasing the full set as the pigmentation of these products was just horrendous.
Skinfood Rose Essence Blusher 

A blusher with a silky-smooth texture that creates natural-looking rosy cheeks.

Suggested to use   

Using the enclosed puff, apply an ample amount onto apples of your cheeks."(1)

I quite like the selection of colours that they have chosen for this collection, especially the fourth shade which is Peach! I think it's really interesting that they've decided to include a straight out Brown shade, which in all honesty is a warm toned bronzer and not a blush.

The packaging is a little irritating. It's pure metal and makes an awful screeching noise when you open and close it which makes my ears feel like they're bleeding. It's a little bulky since it houses the cute white puff, but it's not huge.
These blushes (with the exception of #3) have almost no colour pay-off. This is all the product that is left on the brush after a very vigorous swirl/scrub in the pan. I need to do this 3-4 times to get any colour on my cheeks which is very time consuming.

#1 Purple
The first shade is purple! This shade doesn't really look purple at all in the pan, and looks like nothing on the skin.
Is there any colour on my cheeks at all? Not that I can see.

#2 Orange
The second shade is Orange. This shade has a little more colour pay-off than the Purple shade, but it's still pretty hard to get a good colour.

This is quite a flattering shade on my skin tone, but I really have to work to get it looking nice on my skin. It has a very slight shimmer in the formula, but you can barely see it.

I can barely see this colour on my cheeks. I see a trend happening here!

#3 Brown
The third shade is Brown. I'm not a fan of brown cheeks, but this shade has the best colour pay-off by far!
I would normally use this as a bronzer (since it's brown, you know) but it's like a very orange brown, and it makes me look like a weird Oompa Loompa. I'm all about honesty.
Even two heavy layers of this blush only gives a very faint colour. It's not the best colour for my skin tone and definitely my least favourite of the 5 shades.
#4 Peach
The fourth shade is Peach. This is my favourite of the colours, but it's just so difficult to get any colour onto my cheeks!
The Peach shade is a gorgeous warm, true peach. This takes about 3-4 coats to get a good colour.

Can you see the colour? Look closer. Not really? Neither.

#5 Pink
The final colour is Pink!

This is a really pretty cool toned pink, but it is awfully chalky. It just looks powdery and there isn't very much colour pay off on the cheeks.
Can you see the colour on my cheeks? It's so subtle, it's almost not there at all.
After 2-3 uses the blushes started to look quite rough and little white bumps started to appear. I'm not sure what they are, but they don't seem to be doing any harm!

What I Love
- Good colour range
- Inexpensive (around $4-5USD each)
- Beautiful rose pattern

What I Don't Know
- Awful metal packaging
- Heavily, heavily rose scented
- Almost zero colour pay-off (barring the brown)

Final Thoughts
I really don't like this collection of blushes. They're really scented (which I don't mind too much because I like roses) and the colour pay-off is so weak, the packaging is just awful. At the start I though maybe I had just picked up a couple of duds, but since the only the brown has actual colour coming off onto my cheeks my only conclusion is that these are just badly formulated. I can build up a decent colour after 3-4 layers of blush, but why would I when I have other blushes that take one sheer layer to produce a good colour that isn't patchy.

I would recommend these blushes to any Princesses that are looking for quite subtle blush colour and don't mind the heavy rose scent! ^.^

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  1. Ah, I've got #1 of these at home since... maybe three years ago? two? And I rarely use it, because the color payof is so non-existent, even on my pale skin. :/ I actually really like the scent, but you're right, the packaging isn't convenient, either.
    I was hoping that the other shades would be better, but now I won't even bother haha. Thanks for the review! ^_^

    1. I was hoping the same, but err nope! :C

  2. oh my :/ i usually really love skinned products but this sounds horrible, i can hardly notice any pigmentation on your swatches :/

    1. This is my first proper fail from Skinfood, usually they have such high quality products! I had like 3-4 layers of product on those swatches too, so light!!

  3. Hi, just wondering what brush you're using in this review?

    1. Hello! This is an angled blush brush from the Jessup line on Ebay. Super cheap and actually quite good quality! (:

    2. Thanks so much for the reply! I have their foundation brushes but had no idea they made more

    3. No problem! (: Yeah they have a range of eye brushes and other miscellaneous face brushes!

  4. Yeah, the packaging looks soo pretty online - and then it's so very cheaply made. :s Sharp edges on mine too, and the pan inside is glued in unevenly, way higher on one side. So-so about the rose scent, usually I _love_ rose scents, but this one is really heavy, non-fresh and strong as you said.

    I got Pink and must say, apart from flimsy case and strong scent, I really like it. Maybe it's because I use it with the puff, even managed to overblush with it once. ^^ Kind of a non-shimmery highlighter and blush in one with its white undertone.. I totally see why people hate it, but it worked quite fine for me luckily.

    1. Ugh yes, the metalic packaging sucks so much! >< Ooh interesting with the Pink one! It definitely had the second best colour payoff, but it just wasn't a good colour for me :C I'm glad you liked it though! :D

  5. They do look really cute but damn they are very subtle!

    1. They rose pattern is so cute! But yeah, almost invisible ><

  6. Wow the names they picked are very misleading! Purple is no where near purple and brown is a brick kind of shade. What a bummer that they are all duds though :(

    1. Yeah the purple is really pink and the brown isn't really brown! Definitely not products I'd recommend.


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