Friday, 1 May 2015

First Impression: Skinfood Gold Caviar Skincare

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about three products from Skinfood's Gold Caviar Skincare line! I only had one sample of each product, which is not really enough to judge if a product shows good results, but if you would like to hear my thoughts on the products, keep reading! ^.^
What Does It Do?
Gold Caviar Toner
"A gratifying toner formulated with visible pure gold, softens the skin, and with Russian caviar, counters wrinkles and fortifies, nourishes, and firms up the skin.

Apply and smooth evenly on face after cleansing, and gently pat to allow complete skin absorption.

I quite enjoyed using this toner, it felt like it cleaned and toned my skin without making it feel dry and tight. There are tiny gold flakes in the toner and I'm not quite sure if it actually help soften the skin, but they look really pretty!
 Gold Caviar Serum
The anti-aging action of the caviar extract and gold in this comprehensive-care serum helps counter wrinkles and moisten, nourish, firm up, and fortify skin.

Apply evenly on face after toner stage and gently press with palm for a more complete absorption." (1)

This serum feels absolutely gorgeous on the skin, absorbs at a moderate pace. It does leave a slightly tacky feeling after being fully absorbed, but it does feel really nourishing and moisturizing. Obviously I can't tell if it helps counter wrinkles or fortify the skin, but it is a serum that I would like to try again, plus it's filled with gold flakes!

Gold Caviar Cream
"Enriched with Russian caviar extracts and pure gold the complete care cream nourishes, firms up and deeply moisturizes your skin.

After applying the emulsion on your face, dab just the right amount on your then gently apply on the skin in smooth strokes until fully absorbed." (2)
This cream is quite thick, sticky, and leaves my face feeling really tacky after it's absorbed. I didn't see any gold flakes in this cream, and it wasn't really very pleasant to use if I'm quite honest. It left my skin feeling a little greasy in the morning too!

Would I Purchase These Products?
I'm considering purchasing the Gold Caviar Serum, but I think the toner and cream are unnecessary. I don't use toners very often, and I think that I have tried creams that are better than the Gold Caviar Cream, so I don't feel the need to splurge on these items when I don't feel like they are anything special! The serum however piqued my curiosity with all of the gold sparkles! I feel like it nourished and hydrated my skin over the two uses I had, so I would snap it up if I saw it on special (because obviously gold products are expensive).


  1. Hello! Great review! I got the Gold Caviar Cream from Beautynetkorea a few days back, actually 20 pcs of it (samples).. I do hope it will be a better experience for me as I would hate for all those 20 pcs i bought go to waste :)

    1. Oh, and my address is :)

    2. Oh I definitely hope that your experience is better than mine then! ^.^

  2. Thank for sharing your first impressions ♥, think I received some samples of this line, I'll encourage me to try them. Hope you are having a nice day, Becca!

    1. Do try them! ^.^ Especially the serum!

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