Monday, 18 May 2015

Store Review: Jolse

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Jolse! I made a purchase with them at the start of April when I started to get a little bit OCD about completing some sets of Korean Cosmetics that I have incomplete at the moment! Unfortunately and fortunately for me, these turned out to be quite hard to find and I ended up finding a lot of new Korean Cosmetic stores to shop with and waste all my money in!
Website Practicality
I have an extreme dislike for this layout of store. I hate little sidebars and advertisements down the side of my screens, it's just irritating to me! What makes matters worse is that this site logs you out if you are inactive for 5 minutes! You have to have a password that's at least 10 characters long and includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation. My banking passwords aren't as complicated as that!! It also doesn't save your logon details properly, so every time it signs you out every 5mins, I have to retype the long stupidly hard to remember password. If I didn't need a couple of products from this store I wouldn't shop there because it's just too freaking annoying!

Price Comparison
Jolse's prices are quite reasonable, especially considering the offer free shipping! Prices are in USD.

Jolse Rosy Tint Lips $7.38 + Shipping $0.00 = $7.38
Cosmetic Love Rosy Tint Lips $8.50 + Shipping $0.00 = $8.50
Roseroseshop Rosy Tint Lips $6.47 + Shipping $3.49 = $9.96

Shipping and Packaging
My free shipping was sent on April 1st, and arrived at the post office on April 13th, although I didn't recieve it until April 21st. I'm not entirely sure what happened there, but nothing was harmed in my package at any rate and it got to me in the end! ^.^ Jolse also included a whole bunch of interesting testers!
I only purchased two products from Jolse, the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Grapefruit Jelly and the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in Rose Petal!
I purchased this Lip Tint in the shade Rose Petal (or Rose Fetal as listed on Jolse) because it was the cheapest that I could find at $8.20USD!
I almost have all the colours of these lip tints so will be able to review them shortly - I absolutely love these! ^.^

I must've bought the last blusher in this colour as it's sold out on Jolse now!
This blush colour is super pretty and totally wearable! It's not too hard to find, so if you're after this colour you'll be able to find it quite easily. I adore these blushes and am super close to completing my collection - watch out for a full review soon!

What I Love
- Some hard to find products
- Free shipping
- Decent discounts
- Generous free samples

What I Don't Love
- Website is irritating and logs you off after 5mins of inactivity
- Jumped through many hoops to create a login

Final Thoughts
Although I dislike Jolse's webstie so much, I still enjoyed shopping with them! The shipping was free and quite quick, they gave generous samples (also very interesting samples!) and they usually have quite decent discounts. I would shop with them again if they had the best priced product, or a limited edition, very hard to find product, but I really, REALLY don't like their website format. Stop logging me out so often and I would definitely shop there more often! ^.^


  1. my fave is still roseroseshop :) by the way do you know any good webside for japanese cosmetic??

    1. I adore Roseroseshop, but the shipping is so high for just one or two products :C Hmm I actually don't know too many good Japanese Cosmetic stores other than Sasa! I am on the hunt for some better ones though! ^.^

  2. I like Jolse too, i've ordered from them 2 times already and the 3rd one is on its way! I fear that I am quickly having this obsession >_<
    But I agree I hate that they log you out after a few minutes of inactivity, I just go to my kitchen and then poof I have to type my overly long password again so frustrating.. :( Can you recommend other shops that you buy from? RRS has a great selection but the shipping can be a bit high, and testerkorea takes tooooooo long to send orders.. :))

    1. It's almost like it doesn't want us to shop there!! -.- You can also try KoreaDepart, w2Beauty, Cosmetic Love, IBuyBeauti, BBCreamBoutique, Twofacemall or even Yesstyle! I'm compiling a master list soon (end of July, actually not so soon!) talking about which store has the best shipping/prices/customer services ^.^

    2. Yay!! Looking forward to your list.. I checked all of your recommended shops, i'll be ordering from them to try soon thank you for your recommendations.. ^^.

  3. Looking forward to your post on the lip tints! :)

    1. I've got two more to collect and then I'll have a massive swatch fest and review! :D

  4. Previously I had also struggled to keep my data on Jolse, but later rectified. Although it has never log me out when I'm inactive. One of Jolse's features is that always send many free samples. I hope that soon you can acomplete your blush collection.

    PS: Rose Fetal ... hahah

    1. Hehehe Rose Fetal made me giggle so much! >< I loved Jolse's samples, they're not the standard samples that most stores give out which is so much more interesting!

  5. Hi! I was wondering if the sold-out products are backed up again after a while? Or we are never gonna be able to purchase them?


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