Friday, 15 May 2015

First Impression: Tosowong Platinum Total Solution Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tosowoong Platinum Total Solution Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack! I'm pretty sure I got this little tester from the gorgeous Lani Loves, and I finally got to try it out after many months sitting in my tester drawer!

 What Does It Do?
"Pore and Sebum Care at Once !
Still worrying about your skin problem? White Gold Pack will take care of your over spreaded sebum.

+ Pore & Sebum Control.
+ Effective to Troubled Skin.
+ 99.9% Pure White Gold included." (1)
I was definitely not expecting a chocolate coloured mask to come out of this little packet! The mask is a super thick and difficult to spread, making me feel like I'm spreading a delicious chocolate frosting on my face. However, after about 5minutes using this mask I can feel it drying, and after 10minutes I can feel it becoming very tight to the point of slight pain. If I smile or show any emotion the mask breaks up into tiny cracks, but doesn't flake off.

Interestingly enough I did see some whitening results immediately after removing this mask, but no pore shrinking or sebum control. My skin looked very even, and my acne and subsequent scars seemed smaller and less apparent. I really liked the results that I saw from this mask!

Would I Purchase This Product?
Yes! I'm very interested by this product, especially since it made my scarring look much nicer immediately! I'm not 100% sure that it will always have that effect, but I'm willing to risk $10USD to try it out! ^.^

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