Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review: Collection Does It All Mascara

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Collection Does It All Mascara! This mascara claims to deliver curled, volumized, lengthened, conditioned and long-lasting lashes, which sounds like a perfect mascara! This was a cult favourite last year due to Shaaanxo loving it and showing it in videos quite a lot, and was hard to get hold of for a little while, but like 99% of cult favourites, I don't really like it.

"- Get 5 lash benefits in just 1 application with Does It All Mascara!

- The ultimate lash wish list is now a reality: curled, volumized, lengthened, conditioned and long-lasting.

- The enhanced multi bristle rubber brush has extra spikes to deliver the maximum amount of product, coating even the shortest lashes for that wide eyed look.

- The long-lasting, conditioning formula ensures the effect lasts all day." (1)
I really hated the formula of this mascara for the first month of use, but when it dried up a little I found it easier to work with. My lashes are naturally curly and a moderate length and thickness, so I don't really see this mascara particularly excelling in any area there, but it does make my lashes look nicely separated and feathery instead of being clumpy which I like! 

I usually have trouble with mascara smudging on my lower lid because I have quite puffy Aegyo-sal (under-eye bags) when I smile. However, this mascara smudges way worse than any other waterproof formula I have tried, smudging after a measly 5 minutes after application. Lets not even mention what happens after 6 hours when my skin gets oilier. I also wipe any marks off around once an hour.

What I Love
- Decent lengthening, separating and volumizing
- Inexpensive at $17NZD
- I prefer rubber bristles

What I Don't Love
- Mascara packaging doesn't stand by itself (irritating to store)
- Smudges quickly and all day
- I don't love the formula for the first month (even quicker to smudge)
Final Thoughts
I would not purchase this mascara again based solely on how badly it smudges on my upper and lower eyelids. It means that I need to check if my mascara has smudged every hour that I wear it and it's just annoying. I do like that it makes my lashes look lovely and feathery, but I have other mascaras that give a similar feathery look and don't make me look like a raccoon, so I think I'll just stick with them, and I suggest you do the same if mascara tends to smudge for you too! 

If you don't have issues with mascara smudging easily and are looking for a good all rounder mascara, I suggest giving this one a go! For $17NZD it's not too much to risk! ^.^

Did you try the cult favourite Collection Does It All Mascara? How did it fare on your lashes?


  1. Covergirl and Max Factor waterproof mascaras are crazy long lasting and they have a good selection with rubber bristles. Give them a try!

    1. Ooh thank you for the suggestion! ^.^


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