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Store Review - Pinky Paradise

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Pinky Paradise! I was persuaded to make a purchase from this store by the fabulous blogger Airi who had a 50% coupon for almost all lenses store-wide! I love a good deal, I actually needed some new prescription lenses and in the process I supported someone whose blog I really enjoy reading! Triple win! ^.^

Website Practicality
I think the website looks really pretty, it's very pink and girly which fits my personality perfectly! I like that you can shop by brand, prescription, diameter, colour etc and that they have separate tabs to shop for accessories and beauty. I found it very practical to search for products, and easy to check out and complete my purchase.

Price Comparison
I purchased from Pinky Paradise because they were having 50% off everything store wide. I haven't purchased from them before because their shipping price is higher than other stores I have bought from before, and I would rather save a couple of dollars if I can!
Pinky Paradise - GEO Fresh Brown $19.90 + Shipping $6.00 = $25.90 USD
Uniqso - GEO Fresh Brown $19.90 + Shipping $4.00 = $23.90 USD
Lens Village - GEO Fresh Brown $19.50 + Shipping $4.50 = $24.00 USD

Their prices are on par with most other stores, however it is the shipping cost to New Zealand that makes it more expensive, so if you don't live in New Zealand you may find that their shipping pricing is lower and therefore more even with other stores.  

Shipping and Packaging
My package took two weeks to be shipped after payment, because some of the lenses in my prescription were out of stock. Pinky Paradise contacted me to give me a chance to change my order rather than just refunding me, which I thought was brilliant because I still had the chance to make use of the 50% off sale! My order shipped one week after confirmation of the changed order, and arrived at my house two weeks after that. It was well wrapped, and nothing was broken.
I purchased three pairs of lenses because it's been a while since I wore coloured lenses and I wasn't sure how I'd react to coloured prescription lenses. This is my current prescription, which yeah, is not that high. While I do agree that I'm not that blind, it also sucks having to walk right up to things to read them and I can't drive without my glasses because I get really anxious when I can't read the road signs well so glasses/lenses are an everyday thing for me now. 
Each set of lenses came with their own little macaroon case which I really like, because the regular lens cases you get with solution are so plain.
GEO Fresh Brown
Diameter: 14.0mm/14.2mm Water Content: 38% Base Curve: 8.6mm Life Span: 1 year disposal
"Fresh" look is exactly what you are getting when you wearing Geo Fresh Brown! These lenses give of a fresh hue of honey and sparkle. At 14.2 mm in diameter, it's design gives a great enlargement effect. It contains depth while providing ample coverage to the iris. Perfect for subtle gyaru and ulzzang looks. 
I haven't worn these yet, but they look like they will look quite natural with my eyes, potentially a little too yellow though! We will see!

GEO - Grang Grang Choco
Diameter: 14.2mm Water Content: 38% Base Curve: 8.6mm Life Span: 1 year disposal
The design of these lenses are really noticeable. Imagine a hazelnut pudding with swirls of dark chocolate. The arrangement of the different shades of brown in addition to the thick chocolate brown edge makes the lenses really unique, yet they blend in perfectly with your eyes and give you a perfect everyday look. They highlight and emphasize your natural eye-color at the same time no matter if brown, green, blue or gray. 
Sorry about the awful photo. I have worn these a couple of times and they make my eyes looks super duper dark and dolly. The limbal ring is very dark and solid so they don't look natural at all, but I still quite like them anyway! ^.^

GEO - Magic Brown
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

These are the most natural looking lenses out of the three and the first pair that I tried. They look amazing and very natural on my eyes because my eyes are quite a light brown, but one of the lenses seems to be defective. 

I wore them for 6 hours the first time and after an hour my left eye started feeling very uncomfortable but the right eye was fine. I get dry eyes, so I popped some eye drops into my left eye and got on with my life. I wore them to work and they still felt quite uncomfortable, but I couldn't take them out since I was at work. When I came home and looked at my eye it looked like this.
I get a little redness normally, so this is what my right eye would look like anyway, however the left eye looked awful.  I assumed something had gotten into my eye while wearing the lenses (eyelash, dirt etc) because they were brand new and I'm really careful about eye hygiene and cleaning lenses.
When I wore the lenses for review/photographing purposes I found the left eye still so uncomfortable that after one hour I had to take them out. I won't wear these lenses again, but I might order them to try them out again because I like the colour and style.

Regular lens wearers - have you got any idea why one lens would irritate my eye so much in comparison to the other eye? I've never had this issue with clear prescription lenses!
What I Love
- Great range of lens and Japanese cosmetics
- Great communication
- Good pricing
- Authentic GEO Lenses
- Half price sale!

What I Don't Love
- One potentially defective lens
- Took over a month to complete my order

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed my shopping experience with Pinky Paradise, I thought it was great that they contacted me to offer me the chance to change my lenses rather than just cancelling my order, and I was impressed by the choice of lenses and good pricing! I wish the shipping was slightly cheaper, but it's not nearly as bad as some cosmetic store shipping prices that I regularly shop at so it's not really a big deal!

Next week I will be starting to incorporate a different type of review, so make sure you check back next week! ^.^

Have you shopped with Pinky Paradise before? What other sites do you purchase your lenses from?


  1. Ohh you picked gorgeous pairs of Lenses! ^ ___ ^

    1. Thank you! ^.^ I tried to chose natural looking pairs hehe!

  2. The lenses you chose are all really pretty~ I love Pinky Paradise- they just have expensiveish shipping -n-

    1. Thank you! :D Yeah the shipping is a bit high compared to other stores, but 50% off totally makes up for it!

  3. I love those lenses! I really want to try circle lenses but I have astigmatism :(

    1. Oh no that sucks Lexie! :S I think you can get special circle lens for astigmatism but they're like $50USD instead of $20

  4. Oh, you're so sweet! I'm so touched by your introduction, thank you! >3< You have such beautiful lashes by the way~ *_*

  5. You look like a doll! : )
    So pretty♥


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