Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Review - GEO Magic Brown Lens

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reveiwing the GEO Magic Brown lenses that I talked about in the last store review I did on Pinky Paradise!
I purchased these lenses during Pinky Paradise's half price sale, so they cost me $9.95USD (plus shipping) which is incredibly decent, considering my daily clear prescription contacts cost $60NZD for one months worth ($46USD). I don't wear clear monthly lenses because I only wear contacts when I go outside the house (which is only 2-5 days a week for work/performances), so dailies are cheaper than monthlies for me (and it's still stupidly expensive).
 Lens Info
Brand / GEO
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.2mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly

The Magic Brown lenses are quite light, and all one colour. They have a subtle spiral that fades into the clear middle of the lens which helps it transition to your natural eye colour. These are great for emphasizing your natural eye colour rather than trying to change the colour.
They're a little darker than my natural eye colour, but they sort of give the illusion that I just have a very dark natural limbal ring since they're not too enlarging. When I wore them nobody asked about them (when I wear other lenses I do get asked about them) which makes me think they're quite natural.
Like I mentioned in the Store Review, the left lens did not agree with my left eye. I get a little redness normally, so this is what my right eye would look like anyway, however the left eye looked awful.  I assumed something had gotten into my eye while wearing the lenses (eyelash, dirt etc) because they were brand new and I'm really careful about eye hygiene and cleaning lenses.
When I wore the lenses for review/photographing purposes I found the left eye still so uncomfortable that after one hour I had to take them out. I won't wear these lenses again, but I might order them to try them out again because I like the colour and style.

Regular lens wearers - have you got any idea why one lens would irritate my eye so much in comparison to the other eye? I've never had this issue with clear prescription lenses!
I just can't wear the left lens, which makes this pair of lenses more than a little bit useless! I have no idea why the lens would make my eye look like this, but it sure doesn't look healthy and I don't want to potentially risk ruining my vision for a $10 set of lenses, so I will be throwing this pair out. However I did really like the colour and style of these lenses so I would probably try a fresh pair out! ^.^

What I Love
- Right lens is very comfortable
- Natural enlargement
- Authentic GEO
- Not overly drying

What I Don't Love
- I can't wear the left lens

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed the right lens but not the left (obviously). The right lens was really comfortable, not extremely drying on my dry eyes and gave me a nice everyday enlargement that nobody questioned (it's only a little irritating when you have to explain why you're wearing contact lenses). Like I said before, I would purchase the Magic Brown lenses again, potentially in different colours too because I just liked the look of the lenses so much!

 Do you prefer natural looking lenses, or unnatural/dolly looking lenses?


  1. Did you check the lens is not backwards? Sometimes that’s what happens to me x_x If it is not that, try cheking it against the light to see if it has some imperfection (happened to me once..).. other than that I don’t know :/

    1. Mm I'm pretty sure it was the right way and since it happened twice, I assume it's more likely to be something wrong with the actual lens, but I will try again! ^.^

  2. Hm...I wonder if it just has to do with your eyeball shape. Everyone's eye curvatures are a little uneven, and it could be that your curvature in that eye just doesn't match the base curve of the lens. But that's just my guess! I've noticed similar trends for me; one eyeball tends to experience more discomfort than the other. That being said, definitely no no on that lens! Such a pity! :( Have you tried to contact Pinky Paradise and perhaps get a refund for it?

    1. Ooh that's a good idea! My prescription curve is actually 8.7 and these lenses are 8.6 because I forgot to check them before buying ><


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