Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Review - Etude House CC Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the highly requested Etude House CC Cream in Silky and Glow! I reviewed both colours of the TonyMoly CC Cream as well as the Missha CC BB Cream, and compared all of the CC Cream colours here on both my extra pale skin and my sisters tanned skin and the Etude House CC Creams are the lightest of the CC Creams that I swatched. As usual, I swatched both of the colours of the Etude House CC Creams on my extra pale skin, and my younger sisters tan skin.

Both of the CC Cream colours start off completely white with little beads inside the cream. As you rub the cream into your skin, the beads burst and supposedly change to match your skin, and in some sense they do an OK job at matching, but for either sides of the "normal" coloured skin, it probably won't match well. You can't please everyone, including me.
The Silky CC Cream leans to a more cool tone, whereas the Glow CC Cream leans more warm toned. The Glow CC Cream oxidizes a lot darker than the Silky CC Cream.
Both of the CC Cream colours could work quite well for my sisters tan skin, however since she is also warm toned the Glow shade would work the best for her!
I photographed these face and arm swatches in January 2014, but have used the CC Cream since then (don't worry!) The Silky CC Cream is paler than the Glow CC Cream, but is definitely cool toned so you can see the tone difference between my face and neck. It had a lovely demi-matte finish which looks a little bit dewy, but not to the point where I look oily which I loved! Both CC Creams are easy to apply with your fingers, brush or sponge but I definitely needed to set them with powder for everyday use.
I quite liked wearing this CC Cream, but it's not really a perfect colour for me since it is cool toned, so I probably would not purchase this unless I wanted to drown in face products (I already have 30, and that's too many!).
The Glow CC Cream is very warm toned and very dark for me. Like the name suggests, it's super glowy and dewy, but does tend to make me look like I've just run a marathon which isn't cute.
This is what the Glow CC Cream looks if I don't stand in front of a window or forward facing lights (that I don't have in Gisborne), it looks very dark, and very shiny.
A drastic comparison to where I have to somewhat lie on the floor to get an even spread of light on my face. First world problems for sure.

What I Love
- Well priced ($11USD each)
- Cute packaging
- Nice sunscreen scent

What I Don't Love
- Neither colour suits me
- "Glow" is too glowy for my oily skin

Final Thoughts
Both of the Etude House CC Creams are lovely, but neither of them are suitable for me. The Silky CC Cream would be great for cool toned, oily skin, while the Glow CC Cream would be great for warm toned dry skin while I need something for warm toned oily skin! However for $11USD they are a great little product to grab if you want something to apply really quickly for a healthy looking face. ^.^
Christmas is tomorrow! Are you guys getting as excited as I am? :D


  1. hey, thanks for the review :D
    i was really curious about those CC creams, but judging from your review they don't seem to be that good. Especially not with the sunscreen scent, somehow i really dislike that scent. reminds me of all those summers during which i got sunburned even though i applied sunscreen every hour or so xD


  2. Thanks. I might try the silky based on this review, the only CC I've tried is Liole and it was WAY too dark. I'd be interested to see what you think of the Mizon Combo Correct CC, it's supposed to be fairly pale.


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