Monday, 8 December 2014

Manicure Monday - I've Never Built A Snowman

Hello Princesses!

Today I have some super cute Snowman nails on! As most of you may know, in New Zealand Christmas time is during the Summer, so while these nails are not exactly appropriate for me to celebrate Christmas, they are incredibly cute and easy to create!
I used a white Etude House polish for the base, and dotted on the eyes using a large dotting tool (a round sewing pin would do the trick if you don't own one), dotted the mouth with a small dotting tool (bobby pins work well for this too) and a small brush with the Etude House Orange Ice Cream polish to create the carrot nose. It's super easy and super cute! ^.^

I've never built a Snowman before since it doesn't snow near where I live, have you built a Snowman before? 


  1. Your nail art designs are always so inspiring! ^ 3 ^

  2. I haven't experienced snow before too. :) Your nail art is so cute! It's a nice idea for Christmas without using the typical colors of red, green and gold. Love it. :)

    Dawn |


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