Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review: Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lipstick in Peach Vanilla

Hello Princesses!
Today i'm going to be reviewing a lipstick that I bought almost a year ago and still haven't fully reviewed - the Tony Moly's Cat Chu Wink Lipstick in Peach Vanilla! :3 I did a mini review on this lipstick in my Cosmetic Love Review,  and then never really got around to doing a proper review! I reused the photos from my Cosmetic Love Review - which is why the photos have a different watermark and aren't photographed in a light box. Look how far I've come in photography skills in one year! ^.^
Obviously the thing that caught my eye with this lipstick is the packaging. The packaging is SO cute, it makes me super happy just looking at it! The lipstick bullet itself is pretty normal, but instead of having a sharp pointed tip to help you define your cupids bow, it has more of an oval shape which I find makes it a little hard to apply precisely.
The lipstick swatches are fairly pigmented, and it's a lovely pale peachy colour that doesn't look chalky, but as you can see on my lips it looks like almost nothing is there.
I do love a lipstick that has the "my lips but better" look, but this lipstick tends to settle into the lines on my lips and emphasize any dry patches that I have, which is definitely not a good look.

What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Feels moisturizing
- Lovely peachy colour

What I Don't Love
- Settles into fine lines
- Emphasizes dry and flakey lips
- I'm not a fan of the oval shaped bullet
- Doesn't last more than 1 hour on me without eating or drinking
Final Thoughts
I love the packaging and colour of this lipstick, but I wish that the colour I get when I swatch the lipstick on my arm would translate to my lips. I dislike how much this lipstick emphasizes the flaws on my lips because no matter how well I prep my lips, they still look dry and dehydrated. Even though I'm pretty pale, my lips are reasonably pigmented, so I think this lipstick would look best on people with quite pale lips, because they would get the best colour payoff!

I really do like this lipstick, but I think this colour is not the best colour for me, so I think I will try out some different colours instead! 

I hope you princesses found this review helpful! ^.^ Have you tried any of the Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lipsticks?


  1. I have a Cat Chu Wink Lip Tint and the packaging is super cute! It has nice color but overly pigments some areas of the lip sometimes :-( I love Tonymolly but peripera is my favorite brand for lips at the moment.

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