Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review: Skinfood Gold Kiwi Waterproof Sun Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a super important skincare item for absolutely anyone (Porcelain Princess or not!) which is Sunscreen! ^.^ 

Funnily enough, a couple of years ago I would never ever wear sunscreen unless i was going to be working outside at home, or at the beach, because sunscreen would make my face shiny, sticky and gross looking. Because of my long hair and lack of sunscreen, my shoulders and chest were protected by my hair from being tanned, while my face would get quite dark in comparison. This became a problem when searching for a fitting foundation because my face was so much darker than my neck!

I began searching for a better sunscreen, one that wouldn't make my face shine like a disco ball, or make me so sticky that my hair would stick to my face in the wind. I decided to start my search with Korean based sunscreens, and samples of Skinfood's Gold Kiwi Waterproof Sun Cream sounded like a good place to start.
 "Product description
Water proof sun care with golden kiwi extract
Clean and moisturized skin
Non-sticky fresh usage

How to use
After basic care apply on face and body.
Apply 15-20 minutes before out door. Apply several times." (1)
This sunscreen actually does a really good job! It's a very thick white cream, typical of your regular sunscreen, but it absorbs really fast without leaving a sticky residue, and also feels quite moisturizing which is absolutely fantastic. It does leave a white cast which makes me look a shade paler (and a shade closer to my neck colour like you can see here!) which I also really like! ^.^
Things I Love
- Makes me a shade paler  (closer to neck colour)

- Absorbs quickly
- Not sticky or shiny
-Scented, but not too strongly

Things I Don't Love
- A lot of people won't want to look paler
- Gives the normal SPF flashback

Final Thoughts
I really like this sunscreen! It completely changed my view on sunscreen always having to be sticky, shiny, and something you should only wear when you're at the beach. I used all of the samples of this sunscreen and hopefully will be buying the full sized tube! ^.^

Have you princesses tried Korean Sunscreen? What sunscreen do you think I should try next?


  1. This sounds like great sunscreen! I'm super picky about what kind I put on my face. I like the Badger brand :)

    xo Azu

  2. I think you should try sunprise must daily from etude house, they're super light and doesn't give you any white cast!

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  3. I have never tried Korean sunscreen as they tend to use the chemical ingredients. may I know what's the active ingredient of this sunscreen?
    I suggest you to try the L'Occitane Immortelle, I did a review a while ago, you can check it out on my blog if you want :)


    1. Hello! Hmm I'm not sure about the active ingredients because they were in sample packets which don't have any info on them! Thank you for the info on the L'Occitane sunscreen, I'll have to pop into our local store to try it! (:

  4. I heard Kiwi is good for sun marks etc too :)
    Nice review~~


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