Monday, 26 May 2014

Manicure Monday: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Polish Collection

Hello Princesses!

Are you ready for some more super cute Etude House products? Today I'm going to be showing you Etude House's Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails collection! ^.^
How freaking cute are the bottles? They're shaped like upside down ice cream, which is the entire reason why I bought these!

There are eight colours in the collection, and I bought all but the Blueberry colour from RoseRoseShop. I ended up purchasing the Blueberry colour from Ebay so I could complete the set of cuteness!

The bottles are slightly awkward to hold for photos, and also slightly awkward to paint your nails with because the cone end tapers to a very small point.

The polishes have a lovely creme texture and are opaque (some are slightly streaky though) at one coat, and all but the yellow are totally opaque at two coats.

This is a lovely banana yellow colour. This colour requires three coats for full streakless opacity, but since the layers dry fairly fast it's not too much of an issue.
This is a pastel lime green colour which can, and will make my skin look jaundiced. This is opaque in two coats.
This is a cute pastel peach that's opaque in two careful coats. This is more likely to streak, so you may require three coats. This shade makes my skin look really weird and dark.
This pastel purple is a little dull/cool toned looking for my taste, but still totally workable! Opaque in two careful coats.
This is a gorgeous strawberry pink colour that I wouldn't classify as pastel - but I still really love! This colour is opaque in one coat.

This is a bright grapefruit colour that's opaque in one solid coat. Just like the peach colour - the grapefruit colour makes my skin look a little weird.
This is a glossy blueberry colour that's opaque in two coats. I'm really glad that I picked up this colour because it's a really lovely bright blue!
Opaque in two coats, this polish reminds me of melted milk chocolate and is making me super duper hungry!

What I Love
- SUPER cute bottles
- Good colour range
- Great opacity
- Lovely formula

What I Don't Love
- I wish they were more pastel (so picky)

Final Thoughts
I really really love this collection and would definitely recommend grabbing them if you get the chance to! I mean, look at those ice cream bottles - they are just so cute! The colour range is great, opacity and formula is equally as good, the only issue I have with this collection is that it's marketed as a spring pastel collection and some of the shades are not really pastel, but I think that that's just me being picky!

Have you princesses tried these ice cream polishes before? There are three glitter shades that I want to find to add to my collection! ^.^


  1. Love all of them! so pretty omg

  2. These pastel colors are sooo pretty!
    Great for summer :)

  3. Such pretty colors!
    I've been meaning to give these polishes a try--they seem really adorable, despite the fact that the handle is inconvenient to use
    Great review~

  4. so cute...!!!!
    nice collection.. =)

  5. So so so cute, I've seen these on their website and I've always wanted to see it close up. Thanks for the great review girl! Add me via GFC or Youtube and I will always follow back :)

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    Blog | Video

  6. Love your swatches! I collected them all awhile but had to sell them cause I dislike how creamy they were, my favourite shade of all is the pastel peach! I love the packaging thou, so so kawaii ^-^

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  7. I actually quite love the milky chocolatey one!

  8. I already have the Purple one, but now seeing this makes me want to buy all of them *A* the are extremely pretty.



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