Friday, 2 May 2014

First Impression: Skin 79 Super Plus Blemish Balm Orange BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

This is probably the worst First Impression I've ever done, because I only had one sample sachet of this BB Cream and used half of it to photograph a Sunday Swatches (BB Cream Edition) blogpost. -.-' I also had to leave the house quite suddenly while I was testing and photographing this blogpost - so it won't be very interesting or photoheavy.

What Is It?
"Skin 79 Super Plus Blemish Balm Orange BB Cream.
- Eco friendly ingredients provides soft supple skin. Plant based ingredients infuse the skin with moisture by controlling your oil and moisture balance.
- Matte Finish! Fast absorbing, light weight formula leaves skin with a soft, matte finish.
- Safe for outdoor exposure, with high SPF Protection. Facial Sunscreen with a higher level of SPF which helps defend better and longer from harmful UVA and UVB Rays.
- Contains Vitamin Complex for lively Skin. Multi-Vitamins maintains vital moisture without the feeling of being thick and heavy." (1)

I was so excited to try this product since I was such a fan of the Diamond Prestige BB Cream by Skin 79 - but couldn't wear it as it was too dark for my skintone. The Skin 79 Orange and Green BB Cream are touted as some of the palest BB Creams (the Green BB Cream being the palest and cool toned, the Orange BB Cream being second palest and warm toned) so it seemed obvious that I would try the Orange BB Cream first, being a warm skinned girl. However, I could never find sample sachets of either of these BB Creams to test, so when this sample sachet was gifted to me I was totally over the moon! 
This BB Cream is a pretty good match for my ghostly pale skin. It's perhaps slightly too dark, but I think it's totally wearable for casual shopping and everyday business. This BB Cream has quite light coverage, but covered my lighter acne scars, pores and freckles without making my skin look too mask-like.

Would I Purchase This Product?
Yes! I really liked the texture, coverage, colour and formula of this BB Cream. It's not too dewy since it's formulated for oily skin and it had great staying power. I think I'm going to grab the full size of both Orange and Green BB Cream since I liked the Orange, and I know the Green is a shade lighter! 

What do you princesses think of this BB Cream? Have you tried any of the infamous Skin79 BB Creams?

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