Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review: Skinfood; Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Skinfood's Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream!
This BB Cream was recommended to me by Findation as a good colour match for my fair skin tone. I purchased it from Roseroseshop for $7.49(USD) because there were no testers, and it looked pretty pale in the small amounts of swatches online.

This BB Cream comes in a standard tube with a cute little peach and tea themed design. It's easy to store, and easy to use. I store it tip down (standing up) so that the BB Cream doesn't get stuck at the wrong end, but the product is thick enough that it doesn't come running out too fast.
The arm swatches seem pale and promising, but the BB Cream turns quite orange after absorbing into my skin. The BB Cream is moderately thick and very creamy. It provides quite a high coverage for a BB Cream, but it's still not a "full-coverage" product.

Texture and Coverage  
This BB Cream is moderately thick, creamy and has great coverage! It's definitely not a "full-coverage" foundation, but it is a high-coverage BB Cream. It was great on my pores and acne scarring, but it did wear down throughout the day.

Oil Control and Lasting Power

This BB Cream is quite standard for me, and I see a bit of shine and break-down of product on my T-zone at around the 4-5hour mark. This is easily fixed by using blotting paper and translucent powder.

Moderately pale and warm (yellow/orange) toned. This BB Cream is not quite pale enough for me and tends to make me look quite orange, but will probably be Ok for people who suit pale colours like the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream (Light)

Things I Love

- Warm toned
- Moderately pale
- Great coverage
- Easy to apply
- Quite cheap (around $10NZD)

Things I Don't Love
 - Quite orangey on me
- Only available online for New Zealanders
- One colour only
Final Thoughts

This is definitely not a bad BB Cream, but it's not quite right for me either! The colour is just too orangey for it ever to fit me properly colour-wise. I used a lot of white light for the "beauty" shots to make it seem lighter because it looked a little like I had fake tanned my face. :S Other than the colour for me, the formula, coverage and lasting power are great and I would recommend this BB Cream to anyone who thinks they would fit the colour of this BB Cream!


  1. Thanks for sharing! You did a great job on this review. I have kind of an orange/yellowish tint to my skin, so this may be the right bb cream for me. It's a shame that it's not sold in the US, though :/

    xo Azu

    1. Thank you sweetie! ^^ I think it'd only be sold in store in Korea, (or special Skinfood stores), but you'd be able to find it easily enough online! It's just a pain to not be able to try it before buying it :S

  2. Thanks for the lovely review! ^_^
    I absolutely love Skinfood products, but if this one is orange on you it will also be on me, so I guess I won't be trying this one out. :/ It a shame that they only made one color, but maybe if it does well they could add a few more shades. ^_^

    1. Thank you :D Skinfood actually does a whole line of "Good Afternoon" BB Creams (different flavours really) and they all have different colours, finishes and coverage! It's possible that one of the other flavours would be more suitable for you. ^^

  3. Great review! I always love your BB cream reviews because I happened to notice you are as pale as mee. But I think this one will be waay to yellowish for me.

    1. Ooh yay another pale beauty! ^^ I'm glad you find these reviews helpful! It's definitely a very yellow BB Cream, so if you have cool/pink tones I would totally stay away from it!

  4. Ooh I want it! I've been looking for a great cheap bb cream :) Thanks for the post!

    1. Try going onto Roseroseshop! They do so many cheap BB Creams (and testers) ^^ I'm glad you liked it!

  5. Would you suggest combining this with some sort of paler element to lighten the color? I love Skinfood but-- like you-- would not care for the orange tone.

    1. Hmm you probably could, but I have already sold this on so I can't tell you for sure! I also have the Honey Tea version of this BB and it's a little lighter (:

  6. Thanks for sharing! hugs from portugal


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