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Review: Missha Signature Dramatic Foundation

Hello Princesses!

This is going to be a quick review on Missha's Signature Dramatic Foundation - No.21! As you guys know, I absolutely adore my Missha's BB Creams, (Signature Complete and Perfect Cover) and in one of my purchases, I got a little sample of this foundation. I saw that it was in the shade 21 (I'm usually 13) and was quite skeptical about it being a good colour match for me, but decided to try it anyway! 

"Signature Dramatic for light and airy base makeup! MISSHA Signature Dramatic Foundation SPF31/PA++, Liquid foundation with light and silky formula lightly conceals skin flaws and leaves skin to breathe. - Containing Lotus Water 34% - (Wrinkle Repairing + Whitening + UV Blocking) Containing Herba Care, newly developed for anti-irritation, and Air Breathing Powder, capsulated fermented yeast in porous powder, MISSHA Signature Dramatic Series pursue light and airy base makeup.

1) Adopting Water Pumping System which enables to lift up moisture of contents to the surface of skin by evaporating volatile oil, it makes the skin moisturized as if getting massage with steam. 
2) Containing Herba Care ingredient, newly developed for anti-irritation, and 10 organic complex and 32 herb complex, it keeps protecting skin even after finishing makeup. 
3) Containing Lotus Water 34% with a purifying benefit, it keeps skin moisturized. 
4) Spherical Power absorbs sebum effectively for long-lasting makeup while making light diffused for brightening up skin tone. * 5-free mild formula for your skin : Paraben-free, Talc-free, Mineral Oil-free, Benzophenon-free, Artificial Colorant-free * Wrinkle Repairing and Whitening Cosmetic" (Taken from
This foundation is incredibly warm toned, so if you're cool toned, this is not for you! The swatch looks pretty good on my arm, a little too dark, but not too drastic. I decided it was similar enough a colour to apply to my face.
On my face, it's pretty dark. I'm saved by the fact that it's a similar tone to my skin tone, (really yellow), but my immediate problem is that it's very dewy! I can see the terror in my eyes in the BB Cream photo above, and then the releif in the BB Cream and Powder photo where I managed to tone down the shine!

I used my Missha - The Style Art Designing Sebum-Cut Pact in Clear Mint, to set and brighten my foundation, because the it was just too dark and dewy for me! This worked pretty well, because without the powder, I wouldn't have dared go outside looking like I had fake tanned my face. ><

Texture and Coverage
This foundation has a moderately creamy texture, with medium to full coverage, and a dewy finish. It was easy to apply and blend into my skin, but if you are after a matte finish, make sure you have a finishing powder handy!

Oil control and Lasting Power
The oil control isn't great, because the foundation starts off so dewy, it appears oily from the start! It doesn't claim to control oil, and I certainly found that I got pretty oily in my T-Zone. The foundation colour and coverage lasted pretty well, even through the oil on my T-Zone!

This is a very warm toned, fair to medium colour. It's too dark for me, I wish they made it in shade 13!

Things I Love
- Great warm colour
- Good coverage without feeling heavy or cakey
- Colour and Coverage lasts well
- Easy to use

Things I Don't Love
- Too dewy, looks oily
- Too dark
- Little to no oil control
Final Thoughts
I really like aspects of this foundation, but as a whole, I don't think it's suitable for me. It's too dark, too dewy, and hasn't got enough oil control for me to be able to use it on a daily basis. If you have darker, dryer skin, I think this would be a great foundation!


  1. great review as usual becca =) i find missha's products to be too oily usually in general =(

    1. Thank you! :D Yeah I do find Missha's products to be too oily and dewy, but the pale colours are usually the best for me, so I have to suck it up :S

  2. Looks beautiful on you ¨~~

  3. I just found your adorable blog :)

    Thanks for the review. My skin is darker and tends to be dry so I'll try it out~

    1. Thank you sweetie! ^^ Let me know if you like it! ;)


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