Monday, 20 January 2014

Manicure Monday: OPI Bond Girls Collection Review

Hello Princesses!

Today isn't one of my normal Manicure Mondays, but actually a nail polish collection review!

Over the Christmas holidays I finally completed the OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection. I'm such a fan of textured polishes, I just had to collect them all! All of these polishes were bought second hand, with the exceptions of Tiffany Case and Honey Ryder which were on a Buy one get one Free deal. I love bargains.
I'm a little late to the textured polish party, but I still really love most of these polishes!

Honey Ryder
Honey Ryder is a super pretty chunky gold texture, which is really nice for everyday or office wear. I really love this polish because it suits my skin tone really well and doesn't look too extreme or out there! I love pairing Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore for a cute girly manicure. 

Jinx is an ultra gorgeous coral with gold glitter, and it's almost my favorite polish out of this collection! It reminds me of the Zoya pixie dusts because it's so sparkly! I created a super cute gradient with Jinx and Honey Ryder.

Pussy Galore
This was love at first sight! I'm a huge fan of anything pink, and Pussy Galore is especially gorgeous. It's a beautiful pale pink with a fine fuchsia glitter, that's opaque in 2 coats, and is my go-to lazy manicure colour when I want to look feminine and cute. I think it's slightly unfortunate that it's called Pussy Galore, because it makes me feel really awkward when people ask me what my polish is called >< Other than that, I love it! ^^

Solitaire is a white based silver glitter which looks a little like magical Disney snow! Unfortunately it's not the best colour for me, but I like to wear it with other colours (like Pussy Galore) to minimize the yellow tone it gives me.

Tiffany Case
Tiffany Case is a stunningly beautiful blue with silver glitter. I absolutely adore this polish, but unfortunately it stains really badly, even through multiple base coats :S

I managed to get pretty much all of the staining off by scrubbing my nails with baking soda as soon as I took the polish off, (thankfully), but I will definitely be wearing it again, this time with a glue base coat to avoid staining. It's such a gorgeous sparkling polish and definitely one of my favorites of the collection!

Ok, I have to admit that my swatch of Vesper is pretty gross looking. I'm honestly not sure how it turned out this uneven and icky :S I love the dark eggplant purple colour of this polish with black glitter, but the texture reminds me just a little bit vomit!

 Overall, I really liked this collection! My favorites are Pussy Galore, Jinx and Tiffany Case. ^^ Do you princesses like textured polishes? 


  1. This collection is absolutely beautiful! My favorite has to be Honey Ryder, Jinx, and Tiffany Case! Thanks for the review! I personally love any type of nail polish as long as it's cute. :D

    - Phailee

  2. lovely sparkles!! I want that pink one. :)))


  3. Ooh these are all so pretty! I really want Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore! I love how gorgeous Pussy Galore is! x

  4. I'm not a fan of the textured nail polishes to be honest, though I think they might look ok with a couple of shiny top coats. I really like the colours of Jinx and Pussy Galore though, they look lovely.

    Angels of Arcadia

  5. Pussy Galore and Tiffany Case are gorgeous! It's a shame about the staining though! :/
    Elephant stories and more

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