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Review: Stylenanda Love 3CE Cheek Maker

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the ultra cute Stylenanda Love 3CE Cheek Maker! I bought these because the packaging was just too cute for me to resist, like literally though. These were not cheap, and there were no reviews on them at the time so I took a little risk and bought them anyway because my wallet was saying oh god no Becca you can't afford these and my heart was like oh my god Becca there is no way you are not going to buy these even if you have to sell some of your shoes to do it. I really like the packaging ok guys!
Watercolour Powder Blush
Translucent and pure pigments tinge cheeks like watercolour, completing a dimensional make up look.

Accentuate your cheeks
With true colour payoff and two versions of both matte and shimmery, this collection offers a variety of options to produce healthy and vibrant looking cheeks

Long Lasting Fitting Powder
A slight touch is all you need for the "fitting powder" to cling to your cheeks and maintain a crisp, natural colour all day.
These blushes come in gorgeous card packaging which looks like whimsical books. I think the packaging is absolutely beautiful, though it is quite unnecessary. Most of it is recyclable, but I think these blushes are cute enough on their own and don't particularly need the excessive outer packaging.
The blushes are packaged in quite possibly my favourite packaging ever, and that's not a statement that I take lightly. The plastic outer is shaped like a flower, they are fairly small in size at 3.2g which makes them easy to store, and each shade has it's own unique outer packaging colour so it's easy to tell which colour you're picking up.
There are 6 colours in the collection and there is a variety of colours as well as finishes, some has a gold glitter finish and some are matte. They have even included a really beautiful bronzer too!
In general, these blushes are quite pigmented but don't blend out as well as I would like them to. This does result in some patchiness with the darker colours, but the trick with the darker colours is to apply them very sparingly and with a gentle hand for the best distribution on the cheeks, otherwise you may end up applying way too much or having patches that are darker than other patches on your cheeks.
I really enjoy the colour range this blush has, though as normal the oranges are not my favourite. I was quite surprised that I liked the bronzer shade too!
Orangish is a vibrant orange with soft gold glitter.
 The name orangish does make me laugh a little, but in all seriousness I can't think of a shade that would be more orange than this one! I do struggle to apply this blush nicely since it is one of the more pigmented shades and I highly recommend starting off with very little product on your brush so it will be easier to blend.
Under the stars
Under the Stars is an apricot pink with soft gold glitter.
 This is one of my favourite shades in the collection because it looks the most natural on my skin tone. It's also similar to NARS Orgasm, the NARS has a lot more gold glitter and Under the Stars is more pigmented, but when I apply them on my cheeks you can't really tell a difference between the two. Again, using a light hand with this blush is important since it is quite pigmented.
Pink Ground
Pink Ground is a strawberry milk pink with a hint of peach.
 Pink Ground looks much peachier on my cheeks than it does pink, especially when you compare it to the hand swatch it almost looks like a different shade! This shade is quite pale in colour, so building it up over a couple of layers works easily and I find this shade extremely easy to apply. I just wish that it looked the same in the pan as it does on my face.
Giving Pleasure
Giving Pleasure is a matte, sweet apricot.
The name is not a good choice and lets leave it at that. The colour is really cute, but I personally don't like it on my skin tone! Since this shade is lighter it is a little easier to apply. 
Kind and Love
Kind and Love is a  matte, translucent pale pink.
 When I first saw this pink I actually laughed out loud because it is so pale and I didn't think I would see it on my skin at all. In reality, after 2-3 layers of blush I actually can see a little flush to my skin. It actually looks very natural on my fair complexion, though if your skin is darker than mine this will look strange.
Honey Brown
 Honey Brown is a matte, medium ash brown.
This shade is very much a bronzer for me despite being an ashy brown. You might be able to contour with it, but it makes my skin look too muddy. However, I actually quite like the colour, and if I use a light hand I can blend it out really nicely too!
What I Love
- Gorgeous packaging (I mean, did you see them!)
- Easy to store and have little mirrors
- Beautiful colour range
- The packaging is really pretty

What I Don't Love
- Quite expensive at $17USD for 3.2g (a MAC blush is $23USD for 6g)
- Hard to blend (use a light hand)

Final Thoughts
If these blushes came in boring packaging, I wouldn't like them nearly as much as I do. I can admit that I overlook the price and that some of the blushes are difficult to blend because I am so, so enthralled by the packaging. I am personally quite happy with these blushes, when I paid for them my wallet did cry a little (all 6 shades cost $140NZD which is more than a weeks rent) but when they arrived I was very, very happy because they are adorable to me. They are a little hard to blend out, but I can work with them, it just takes using a lighter hand, less product and a little more time. Because the packaging is so cute I can personally look past the flaws in this product, however if you don't like the packaging, don't want to pay a fair amount for a blush that is a little difficult to work with, then these blushes just won't be right for you.

I would recommend the Stylenanda Love 3CE Cheek Maker to any Princesses who are obsessed with the Polly Pocket vibes these blushes give. Nostalgia!

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  1. Under the Stars is a gorgeous shade! The packaging is really adorable too.

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