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Review: Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero in 00

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero in 00! I bought this because swatches showed the shade 00 to be super pale and lighter than MAC NC15 which sounded ideal since I wear MAC NC10! It was pretty inexpensive at $15USD so I thought it was well worth trying!
Covers pore uneveness in one coat. Blends into skin, and all the heaviness disappears. This new liquid foundation offers thorough coverage with just one coat without heaviness. This colour lineup has adjusted redness and brightness to give the face a healthy complexion and making skin become one tone lighter.
This foundation comes with elegant packaging that even includes a pump! The only downside with the packaging is that you won't be able to tell when the foundation is running out. It also shows dirt and fingerprints really easily which is a little annoying, but not the end of the world.
I saw user 2catsinjapan post this photo on r/asianbeauty. I'm not sure if she was the one who originally swatched these or not since this photo isn't on her blog. However, it's pretty rare to see ALL of the shades swatched together so this is a great guide. MAC NC15 is too dark for me, so since shade 00 is lighter and shade 01 is darker, I chose shade 00.
And woah. It's pale. Sadly for me it is also very cool/neutral toned whereas I am very warm toned so immediately I knew this wasn't going to work out. Of course I did swatch this next to my perfect shade match which is NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia below, and this foundation makes Siberia look like it's jaundiced. The other interesting things I noted in the original swatches is that even though this foundation is described as offering "thorough coverage" it is actually very sheer, and it oxidises terribly on my arm. It's gone a pale oompa loompa shade.
I found that this foundation was a little difficult to apply. Using a brush bought out too much texture on my skin, using a cushion puff just took forever, but using a beauty blender worked really well for me. Obviously the colour looks terrible. Since the colour is too light and also too pink toned, the pink tone in the foundation actually brightens up my skin even more.
This foundation offers very little coverage for me, you can still see my acne scarring quite clearly, but you can also see a lot of the light freckles around my eyes too.
I also found that this foundation clung to dry patches on my skin and really emphasized my fine lines. Not cute.
This is definitely a good shade for cool toned princesses. My neck looks jaundiced.
After an 8 hour day (in which I didn't go outside because my face looked too ghostly and also ignore the awful eyeshadow) my face is looking a little worse for wear. It's very oily, and my skin doesn't actually produce that much oil at the moment so it's quite interesting.
This foundation did also oxidise a little with wear, though not enough to match my neck. It also wore off the tip of my nose and chin too, I literally could not wait to take it off!
What I Love
- Inexpensive at $15usd/$22NZD
- Elegant, functional packaging
- Shade 00 is super pale and cool/neutral toned

What I Don't Love
- Lightest shade is too light, next shade up is 2/3 shades too dark
- Light coverage
- Clings to dry patches
- Emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles
- Little to no oil control

Final Thoughts
I am not a fan of this foundation both for the colour as well as the formula. I am disappointed that there is such a big gap between the two lightest colours, though I can't be upset that the lightest colour is cool toned because other people exist in the world with different skin tones. For the formula, I find it slightly hard to apply, there is very little coverage but also very little lasting power and it makes my skin look old. All in all it's not a flattering foundation for me personally. However, I think this definitely would work for other skin tones and skin types.

I would recommend the Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero in 00 to any Princesses who are cool toned, and lighter than MAC NW10! 

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