Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Store Review: Nashi Lab

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Nashi Lab! Nashi Lab was recently advertised to me via Facebook as a New Zealand based Korean Beauty store, and although NZ based stores are usually  a little more expensive and limited in terms of product range, it's great to support them when you can!

Website Practicality
There are a few aspects that I like about the Nashi Lab website, and a few that could use some improvement. The biggest improvement for me would be adding Paypal as a payment option. The reason being is that I generally don't carry my credit card with me, and am quite lazy about getting up and getting it. It also helps me to track purchases so I would really like a Paypal option. There is also no login for this site, which means that if you delete your emails, there is no way to track your purchases through a loyalty on their site, and of course no loyalty rewards in place for regular shoppers. However, the website is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to browse, they have a nice selection of cult faves as well as some great brands that are quite hard to find elsewhere in NZ such as Beauty of Joseon, Cremorlab and Make Pr:em.
Oh. I lied, turns out you can make an account and I might actually be blind. I'm not sure why it didn't prompt me to create a log in or give me the option to create an account through the check out process, I'm annoyed at myself as well as the website for not prompting me to make a log in. But mostly annoyed at my blindness/stupidity. Ugh.

  Price Comparison
The KBeauty market in New Zealand is booming, so I actually have 3 NZ based KBeauty stores to compare! Of course these products are cheaper when bought outside of New Zealand. However, most stores offer 2 day delivery which is actually worth it sometimes. Nashi Lab had the highest overall cost because Hikoco has a sale specifically on Klairs. However, Korean Kiwi Beauty offers free shipping on any NZ based orders which drastically lowers the overall price. The other two stores offer free shipping on orders over $50.

Nashi Lab
Klairs Supple Preparation Toner - $32.00 + Shipping $5.00 = $37.00

Klairs Supple Preparation Toner - $27.00 + Shipping $5.00 = $32.00

Korean Kiwi Beauty

Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order on the 6th of July, it was shipped on the 7th and arrived at my house on the 11th. This did include the weekend which made the shipping time a little longer, but it was still 3 working days. Interestingly, the package was marked as shipped on the 7th in the morning, but not picked up by the courier until the 10th. My package was securely wrapped and nothing was damaged in transit. I also received a couple of nice samples and a cute thank you card too!
Final Thoughts
I enjoyed my shopping experience with Nashi Lab and it is definitely a store that I will continue to shop with. Having stores based in New Zealand is absolutely fantastic, sometimes the shipping time from overseas stores can be really frustrating, especially when you only want one sunscreen and you need it NOW! I don't think I'll do huge hauls from this store because the prices are higher than overseas, but I will continue to support them (as well as Hikoco and Korean Kiwi Beauty) because I want better prices and more selection of Korean Cosmetics and Skincare in the future that I can buy locally.

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