Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Fail or Holy Grail Review: AzClear Action

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about my Holy Grail Acne treatment, AZ Clear Action! This medicated lotion is available over the counter in New Zealand and Australia, however most international shoppers won't be able to get this item to their country (which is how I feel like 85% of the time when I can't get things sent to NZ, welcome) but never fear, the main ingredient of this product is Azeliac Acid, so if you can't get this one there are a couple of others you can use.
Azclear Action Medicated Lotion is an oil free, invisible, antibacterial lotion for the treatment of blackheads, pimples, acne and papulopustular rosacea. 

BENEFITS * Helps clear and protect acne-affected skin. * Dual-action formula works by fighting bacteria and unblocking the oil ducts. * Acts to reduce redness and dry up pimples. * Moisturiser helps hydrate skin. * Antibacterial agent helps fight bacteria and prevent secondary infection.

AZ Clear is housed in a little plastic squeeze bottle that isn't very cute but really gets the job done. This lotion contains 20% Azelaic Acid which is said to be similar to Retinols and Benzol Peroxide but substantially less hard on the skin. My skin cannot tolerate Retinols or BP, so Azelaic Acid sounded like a really good idea to me.
This lotion is white in colour and has a moderately thin lotion like texture. I find it pretty easy to spread out evenly on my skin and I leave it for 20minutes before continuing on with the rest of my routine.

During the wait time my face does not feel unnecessarily dry or uncomfortable. I tried to use this lotion everyday, but it was too much for my skin, so I find it works best used every second day (though the instructions say to use twice a day! 😭).

I have been using this lotion for about 2 months now and I absolutely love it, obviously. I found that it helped existing acne heal quickly, stopped most of the new acne, and helped any new pimples that popped up heal quickly without scarring as bad as I normally do. Azelaic Acid takes longer to heal and prevent acne than Retinol and BP does, but for me it's much more tolerable because my skin isn't painful and peeling. This is recommended for mild acne, so if your skin is more on the severe side then you will need something that is a little harsher.

What I Love
- Inexpensive at $19NZD
- Easy to apply
- Doesn't dry out my skin
- Helped excessive sebum production
- No photosensitivity
- No bleaching of clothes and pillows
- Tolerated well by most people (no extreme side effects)

What I Don't Love
- This particular lotion is only available in Australia and New Zealand (soz)

Final Thoughts
Azelaic acid reduces the growth of the keratin surface skin cells that can block pores. This helps to unblock the pores and sebaceous glands (glands which secrete sebum) and as a result the sebum can escape. This reduces the formation of blackheads (comedones) and spots. It is an AHA, so even though it's not photosensitizing, I personally recommend using it at night and always using a sunscreen during the day time. It is a medicated lotion, but it can be bought over the counter in NZ and Aus so you don't need to visit your doctor or dermatologist. I absolutely love this lotion, though as always skincare is SO PERSONAL and something that is a Holy Grail for me, might well be a Fail for you. 
If you are an international reader and would like to try out an Azeliac Acid, I recommend trying out the Finacea Gel (15%) or The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension (10%) 

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