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Review: It's Skin Babyface Petit Blusher

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the It's Skin Babyface Petit Blushers! I have previously tried the Babyface BB Creams as well as the Finish Beams, so I thought it would be fitting to try out the rest of the Babyface range since it is all so cute!
Its Skin Babyface Petit Blusher helps your face looks young and lovely! This blusher maintains clear makeup without preparation and sebum for a long time. 
As usual these blushes have the super cute Babyface packaging, it still makes me sad that the angel wings are only on the plastic packaging. The blush pans are a on the smaller side, though the outer packaging is still pretty big because it has to house the cute little puff that applies the blush terribly. Please treat yourself to a normal blush brush rather than using these puffs.
There are 5 colours in the range and it even includes a lavender and a bronzer/contour shade! This is probably the most adventurous colour set that I've seen in KBeauty for a while (though these days they are branching out from pale pink and orange more and more) so I was happily surprised by the range.
In general the blushes are easy to apply, though they are very chalky for the most part and some shades create an enormous amount of fallout.
Sadly, the contour shade isn't the right colour for my skintone, but I'm not too upset about that, I'm used to it by now.
Lovely Pink
Lovely Pink is a cute strawberry pink.
This colour is very subtle and pretty. I do need to use 2-3 layers of the blush to get this colour, but it does look lovely and natural once I build up the colour.
This is so pretty, though it is quite a pale shade. I'm not sure how versatile this shade will be for darker skin tones since it only just shows up on mine.
Pure Lavender
Pure Lavender is a very pale lavender, almost verging onto a highlighter.
Lavender blushes can be quite brightening, and this is no exception!
This shade is a little too brightening for me, instead of looking like a blush it looks like I've tried to highlight my cheeks a little and it's not too flattering. I can use it very sparingly and in real life it does look pretty, but it's super, super subtle.
Romantic Rose
Romantic Rose is a beautiful mid toned rose shade.
For me this shade leans slightly more towards fuchsia rather than rose, but it is my favourite colour! It's quite pigmented, so you don't need too much to create a healthy flush.
For me it is a little easy to go overboard with this colour because of it's pigmentation. However, I think this colour would look really beautiful on many skin tones, so this is a colour that I would be happy to recommend to almost anyone!
Sweet Peach
Sweet Peach is a pastel orange shade. This isn't a peach to me at all.
This is my least favourite colour, just because it really is difficult to see on my skin tone because it is so pastel. Here I have applied about 5 layers of the blush, and I still can't really see it.
This shade also has an insane amount of fallout, you can actually see it on my shirt too. It's definitely not my favourite shade.
Shading Brown
Shading brown is a warm toned bronzer or contour.
This bronzer is a little too intense for me, it just looks a little orange and muddy on my skin tone.
It looks ok in photos, but in real life it's just not quite the right colour. However, I do have to commend It's Skin for including a bronzer colour in their blush range!
What I Love
- Inexpensive at $5USD each
- Super cute packaging
- Beautiful colour range
- Mostly easy to apply
- Most have good colour payoff

What I Don't Love
- Packaging is so much bigger than the actual product
- Who uses those puffs to apply the blush
- Super chalky and dusty to apply

Final Thoughts
These blushes are super cute and they have a beautiful colour range including a bronzer! However, some colours are just a little too pastel and pale (even for me!) and the bronzer isn't quite the right colour. I was also quite surprised at how small the actual blush pans are in comparison to the outer packaging which is quite bulky. These are quite comparable to the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers, though I still prefer the Etude House Blushes because they have a bigger colour range, bigger pans for the price and less fall out. The It's Skin Babyface Blushers are still super cute, and if you like the colours they are still a great buy!

I would recommend the It's Skin Babyface Petit Blusher to any Princesses looking a super cute set of blushes that comes in a beautiful colour range.

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  1. Those are so cute <3 and I love the colors~!

  2. I have to say I think the lavender one looks great on you!
    Also 'who uses those puffs to apply the blush' - so true haha

    Belle in Black and White


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