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Provided for Review: Eleven Huesday Skincare

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about some skincare from Eleven Huesday! This skincare was kindly sent to me for review by Korean Kiwi Beauty who have recently started stocking this brand and are offering 25% off Eleven Huesday during the month of August! KKB sent me a full sized serum, a deluxe mini toner and a sample set of the Ultra Deep Fluids to try out!
SOS serum that contains pure natural patented ingredient, NAFLEX 1 and bee venom water so that it can soothe the troubled skin caused by polluted external factors and stress and leave the skin healthy.
This serum has a cloudy colour, a thin, milky texture and a very odd scent. The reviews I have read have said that this serum is scentless, however to me it smells like latex gloves. I find the smell incredibly unpleasant and literally hold my breath while applying it.
I find this serum is very lightly hydrating. My skin looks super dewy from the toner in the before photos, but it doesn't change very much in the after photos. This shows me that this would be a serum that would work well for me during summer when I choose lighter products which I really like. After using this for a month my skin feels soft, but I don't see $60 worth of results from this serum.
Daily sebum controlling, moisturizing and whitening functional toner that gives gentle exfoliation with AHA and BHA and prevents excessive sebum by normalizing pH balance to make the skin soft, moist and bright.
This toner has a thin, watery gel texture. It's easy to apply and absorbs moderately quickly, though it does take a little longer than most toners. It has a subtle, sweet Lavender and herb scent that doesn't linger.
This toner contains Niacinamide, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid and Salycilic Acid so it has some exfoliating properties as well as brightening. The company doesn't disclose what percentage the acids are, but I don't feel a strong exfoliate from this toner. I do find that it is very hydrating and slightly brightening, it's very pleasant to use and I find myself looking forward to using it when I'm doing my skincare.
Four different high-concentrated fluids for 4 types of skin condition: Brightening, Purifying, Moisturizing and Firming.

Moisturizing fluid: Deeply moisturizing for dry and dehydrated skin
The moisturizing fluid smells quite nice and moisturized my skin well! After using most of the fluids I found that they worked best when I used them before my toners since I do the 7 skin method. There is 2ml of fluid in each of the vials so I needed to do 4 or 5 layers of the fluids anyway. These give me the effect of using a sheet mask without most of the waste.
Brightening fluid: Bright and vitalized complexion for dull and uneven skin
The brightening fluid is supposed to brighten the skin, but it should also provide hydration, skin protection and inhibit the production of melanin with licorice root extract and niacinamide. I found that this provided subtle brightening and quite a bit of hydration too. The fluids are very interesting because you have to snap the tops off. This makes them quite portable, but it's also terrifying to snap the tops off the first time.
Peptide fluid: Enhancement of elasticity and rejuvenation for lifeless and sagging skin
The peptide fluid enhances elasticity and the stimulation of collagen. I actually used this for a DIY sheet mask and learnt that there isn't quite enough fluid to make a mask for my entire face. I found that this fluid moisturised my skin and plumped up a couple of my wrinkles.
Purifying fluid: Instant calming and clean complexion for oily and troubled skin 
 The purifying fluid contains Aloe and Tea Tree to help control sebum production, improve the skin barrier and calm troubled skin. This fluid was the least helpful for me because I don't need help calming troubled skin or controlling sebum at the moment, but it was fun to try!
What I Love
- Toner is beautifully moisturising
- Serum is calming and soothing
- Ultra Deep fluids are fun and effective

What I Don't Love
- Slightly higher price points
- Dislike the scent of the serum

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed trying out some skincare products from Eleven Huesday, there are definitely some products that I enjoyed more than others, and some that I will repurchase. I think the brand in general is very interesting and they definitely make quality skincare that can be tailored to specific skincare issues. My favourite products so far are the Toner as well as the Moisturising fluids, I think both of these products suit my skin really well and are products I would repurchase! Overall, Eleven Huesday is a brand that I would purchase more products from in the future.

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