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Review: Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint (Limited Edition Popsicle Packaging)

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the ultra cute Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint in the summer limited edition Popsicle packaging! As soon as I saw the release for these I knew I had to have them, not only is the packaging adorable, the colours are really pretty and more unique than Etude House usually releases. Generally they release bright orange, bright pink and a red, but this time they have a beautiful dusty pink, a deep vampy red and a gorgeous dusty peach.
The moisture tint expresses sweet color like ice cream as it refreshingly melts into the lips.
Obviously the packaging is unique and adorable. I love that you can see the colour of the tint from the outer packaging, but they also have different coloured lids too. The popsicle stick is the handle for the wand which is cute, but very small. They have a doe foot applicator which applies the tint beautifully.
There are 6 colours in the collection and they are so pretty. Weirdly they all include the name red (even when they're clearly not red). However, they have a nice consistent formula.
In general, these tints have a beautiful formula, especially for princesses with dry lips. However, they don't dry down and continuously feel a little sticky throughout the day. I personally don't mind this, because I find that tints that do dry down matte make my lips feel super dry, but since these don't dry down, I don't get dry lips.
The collection also includes a glitter topper called Jewel Red which I adore! This works beautifully on it's own or on top of any of the shades in the collection.
Red Bean Red
 Red Bean Red is a gorgeous dusty pink shade.
This is one of the only dusty pink lip tints that I've seen EVER in K-Beauty! Dusty Pink is one of my favourite shades, they can be dressed up or down, they don't look too bright and intense, and in general look like an MLBB on me. This shade is no exception and is my favourite shade in the collection (though it was REALLY HARD to choose a fave!).
Peach Red
Peach Red is neither peach nor red. It's actually a bright baby pink.
This shade is very similar to Red Bean Red. Peach Red is brighter and more of a neon shade, whereas Red Bean Red is muted and dusty. This is another beautiful shade, and even though it's a light colour it doesn't accentuate any flaws or wrinkles. My lips look more youthful than they have in a while!
Jewel Red
 Jewel Red is a pale peach shade with iridescent glitter.
This is a gorgeous glitter topper! It can be worn alone for beautiful glossy lips, but you can layer this over the other shades too to make them look glittery! I can't feel any glitter on my lips at all when I wear this which I love. However, since these lip tints don't dry down matte you have to be careful applying this topper over the top because it can smudge and smear the colour underneath.
But it does make them all look absolutely gorgeous!
Apricot Red
Apricot Red is a cute apricot or peach shade.
This is another really cute shade on my skintone. It's quite natural, and I love that they've gone for an Apricot or Peach tone rather than going for an orange. I find peaches much easier to wear day to day, whereas orange can be quite intimidating for me.
Shark Red
Shark Red is a vampy dark red.
This shade is the darkest out of the range and it's quite a unique colour! This looks so pretty on my skin tone, it's vampy enough to be different from the usual reds, but still easy to wear on a day to day basis rather than being a special occasion colour.
Watermelon Red
Watermelon Red is a pretty orangey red shade.
This shade is really pretty and looks like a cute strawberry pink on my lips! This is another beautiful every day shade for me, it looks like a very bright red in the container, but on the lips it looks quite different. Since these tints don't dry down matte they don't have the longest lasting power. They do stain my lips a little, but any food or drink will erase the center colour, so reapplication is necessary. Reapplication is super easy, since they don't dry down and are thin in texture they reapply quickly and easily without creating weird lumps.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Well priced, between $5-9USD each
- Beautiful colours
- Easy to apply and reapply
- Work well with dry lips

What I Don't Love
- Limited Edition
- Not very long lasting

Final Thoughts
I absolutely love these tints and I really wish they were not limited edition! I think the Popsicle packaging is super cute, they're fairly easy to store too since the bottoms are flat, but in general I mean, they're in the shape of a Popsicle! I also really like the colours, I think they're quite unique (especially for Etude House!) and they're all very wearable for me, I especially love Jewel Red the glitter topper! They aren't very long lasting which is a bit of a bummer, but since they don't dry down they're actually a lot more forgiving for dry lips which is great for me. I have super dry lips, so I would personally prefer a lip tint that doesn't dry down and leaves my lips looking super pretty and plump, over a lip tint that does dry down but leaves my lips looking dry and wrinkly. That's just my personal preference though!

I would recommend the Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint to any Princesses looking for lip tints in beautiful colours, that come in ultra adorable Popsicle packaging!

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