Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Review: Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion in the shade 13! I purchased a refill of this cushion (because the combo of cushion and cushion case was out of stock) and because I was curious as to how the shade 13 would do with my skin tone since I so loved the shade 11 in the Long Wear formula!

"Long-lasting moisture winter-cushion keeps your skin hydrated for a longer period by storing moisture in your skin

1. Ampoule Intense Complex™ protects the skin barrier, moisturizing your skin for 24 hours.

2. Highly refractive oil ingredients evenly distribute light, giving your skin a gorgeous natural glow.

3. The formulation's cushioning effect makes it absorb quickly into the skin, providing a platform layer."(1)
Since this is a refill it did come packaged in a plastic tear top baggie to keep everything hygienic.
This cushion refill looks like most others, it has the label on the bottom, a hygiene sticker on the inside, and most importantly the product!
As usual, this product is a cushion filled with liquid product. This makes it super portable, and quicker to apply than your regular liquid foundation.
I have the lightest shade for the Ampoule Intense formula which is no.13. This is a fairly neutral shade, it's not quite as yellow as I would like, but it's still nice and light!
In comparison to the Long Wear formula in 11, the Ampoule Intense formula in 13 looks a little peachier! However once they have oxidised like the above photo, they look fairly similar.
This cushion has really lovely light coverage. I can still see some of my freckles, but overall my skin looks even.
This cushion definitely gives my skin a gorgeous glow, my skin looks hydrated and feels really nice too.
However, I find that if I pat this cushion on like I usually would I get really cakey looking skin. Controversially I find I get a better finish from this cushion when I swipe in on rather than pat it on. If I pat it on it's almost as if it sits on top of my skin, so if I blend blush on top of that I actually end up blending off the cushion. How bizarre.
This cushion has average oil control, it's not awful by any means, but my forehead and nose do look a little shiny. It doesn't have the best lasting power, I find that it wears out around my chin (I do tend to lean on it though) and cakes up a lot under my eyes which makes me look a little older than usual.

What I Love
- Great colour for Porcelain Princesses (a little more neutral than #11)
- Easy and convenient to apply
- Fairly inexpensive at $33NZD
- Makes my skin look gorgeous and glowy 

What I Don't Love
- Needs to be swiped on rather than patted
- Doesn't have the best longevity and tends to wear off in patches

Final Thoughts
This is a really great cushion for Porcelain Princesses that don't touch their face. I do recommend avoiding touching your face (especially if you're like me and get acne) but I do admit that I lean on my chin while I'm teaching which is where the cushion mostly wears off. Other than the longevity issue, I love the way this cushion makes my skin look and feel, I get a healthy looking glow without looking unnaturally dewy or oily which is my favourite type of finish in a cushion product! I really like this cushion and would actually buy it again.

I would recommend the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion to any Princesses looking for a cushion that gives a really natural, dewy finish, and the shade 13 for any Porcelain Princesses that aren't too warm or too cool in skin tone.

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