Monday, 17 October 2016

Store Review: Holy Snails

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Holy Snails!
I've wanted to try out Chel's goodies for so long, but  just never had the right timing in terms of actually having enough money to shop there and space in my routine for the products! I was mostly prompted to make a purchase since Holy Snails was offering free shipping, but I was actually an hour late to get the free shipping (the paiiiiin) but made my purchase anyway.  

FYI, these links contain a referral from me for 10% off! I don't get paid for these referrals, but I do earn points to spend at Holy Snails - full disclosure! 

Website Practicality
I find Holy Snails to be really aesthetically pleasing and also very functional. You can scroll down the home page to see all of the products offered, but you can also shop by product type or ingredient type which is so cool! I found it easy to create an account, fill my bag and check out.
Price Comparison
Since Holy Snails create their own products there is no proper price comparison I can do!

Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order on the 29th of August and it was shipped on the 31st. My package arrived at my house on the 9th of September! My parcel was securely packaged and nothing was harmed during shipping.
I didn't realise how teeny tiny and cute the samples are, these would be perfect for travelling! I also love that they each come with a little instruction card with an ingredients list and instructions on how to use them.
Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed my shopping experience with Holy Snails! I was so excited to try my Shark Sauce I cracked my sample open immediately, and I really hope that these little samples turn into some Holy Snail Holy Grails! ^ ^ If I do like these products I would absolutely shop with Holy Snails again as this is the only place I can purchase them, but also since the shipping is inexpensive, very quick, and has an easy to use website.

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