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Review: Tony Moly Panda's Dream Glossy Lip Crayon

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Panda's Dream Glossy Lip Crayon! I saw these and thought they looked super cute, but there were no reviews on them, so here we are!

"The moisturizing Glossy Lip Crayon expresses vivid colors. The Lip Crayon brightens skin tone with its vivid color as it applies softly on skin.
How to use
Apply directly to lips. For subtle definition, outline lips first, then fill in with natural looking color."(1)
There are five shades in this collection, containing two pinks, two reds and one orange shade.
These lip crayons are housed in cute little tubes with Panda caps! The Panda caps don't actually stay on that well which is frustrating, and the formula of the product isn't the best because it melts easily. You can see that the Orange crayon looks pretty perfect, but the other four look damaged. Three out of Five colours were stuck in the Panda cap too.
The colours are really beautiful and pigmented! They are glossy, but aren't slippery and the colour doesn't migrate during the day which is fantastic. Since the product is so soft and squishy, it is hard to get a crisp line, so I suggest using a lip liner with the darker reds.
They definitely have great pigmentation, and they even stain the lips quite nicely too as you can see above! They are easily removed by an oil cleanser.
Hey Orange
Hey Orange is a bright yellow based orange shade. This was the least damaged of the colours.
It's a really pretty bright shade and I love the way it looks on me! I found this one quite hard to apply nicely as I don't have an orange lip liner, but it makes a beautiful gradiant lip!
It's such a vibrant orange! I really like this shade.
Heart Pink
Heart Pink is a subtle Strawberry Pink shade! This is the least glossy out of the 5 shades.
This is a really pretty shade, but it does accentuate the flaws on my lips a little which is frustrating. This shade melted a little in transit too, but nothing too dramatic.
This is the shade that I reach for the most since it is more of a natural colour and I think it looks so pretty! This shade stains the least since it is the lightest shade, but it still works nicely.

Pink Lady
Pink Lady is a vibrant fuchsia shade. This shade is the sheerest formula of the five.
This shade came stuck in the cap which was annoying. It seems like the darker shades are the worst for melting/sticking in the cap so you can see some fingerprints from when I had to stick it back in the tube. But the shade is really pretty!
This is such a bright pink, I love it! This shade stains my lips really quickly, so even though it's the sheerest formula it still wears quite nicely throughout the day.
Red Berry
Red Berry is a bright, blue based red shade.
This shade melted quite a lot and looks pretty hideous in the tube. The colour however, is very pretty and I like it a lot!
This shade definitely works best with a lip liner since it's hard to get a crisp line with the soft formula, but it's still a beautiful colour!
True Red
True Red is a beautiful dark berry toned red, and is the most disfigured out of the five shades.
I think this shade needs a lip liner the most since it is so dark, it also stains quite quickly so any mistakes must be wiped off as soon as possible. It is also the softest formula so I found that it looked a little thick on my lips and looked better once blotted gently.
I think this shade looks really lovely, it's not too vampy and dark, but it's still a really rich red. I think this shade looks more berry toned than Red Berry does!
What I Love
- Great pigmentation
- Lovely glossy formula that is quite moisturising
- Super duper cute packaging
- Fairly inexpensive at around $5USD each
- Nice colour range
- Great staining power which helps the longevity of the colour

What I Don't Love
- Panda caps do not stay on well
- Formula is too soft to give crisp lines

Final Thoughts
Overall I'm really pleased with these lip crayons! Even though the packaging isn't that functional, it's still super cute, and they wear really nicely throughout the day without leaving you with a ring of colour around your lips. Since they have such a beautiful moisturising formula they work really well for my dry lips, but since the formula is so soft, it is quite necessary to use a lip liner in the morning to ensure I have a nice outline for my lips. They're cute, I love the colours and the packaging, so I can personally look past their flaws as a product.

I would definitely recommend the Tony Moly Panda's Dream Glossy Lip Crayon to any Princesses looking for a super cute lip product that is suitable for dryer lips without being too sheer.

I bought these products from KollectionK!  

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  1. Heart Pink looks really beautiful on you, so natural and cute!


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