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Fail or Holy Grail Review: Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid Shiny Foot and Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Sheet Mask

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid Shiny Foot and the Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Sheet Mask! I thought I would throw in the Holika Holika Foot Mask with this since it's not that interesting of a review on it's own! Since I am on a very low dosage of Isotretinoin (otherwise knows as Accutane, Roaccutane, or Orotane) I did have to talk to my dermatologist before using this peel to make sure it was suitable for my skin. While you're taking a higher dosage of Isotretinoin it is wise to avoid chemical peels because your skin is so much more fragile than usual, but since I am on such a low dose I was cleared to use this peel.
Let me also point out the obvious ick factor. I'm talking about foot peeling in this blog post. All of the photos are going to be of my feet. If you don't like feet, please don't read this post because it might make you feel sick and that is not my aim.

Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid Shiny Foot
"Prep your feet for sandal weather! This product helps painlessly remove and improve dry patches and rough calluses from the souls of your feet. The unique formula fortified with fruit extract is a gentle way to remove layers of dead skin cells. Achieve baby soft feet!

Place plastic socks around each foot. Pour and distribute the liquid in each plastic sock equally. Tie the plastic sock with ties located at top of sock. Wait approximately one hour. Try to avoid walking while waiting.

Next, remove plastic socks (preferably in the shower or tub to avoid any potential spillage) and discard. Thoroughly rinse off with cool water. In about 4-6 days, the sole of your feet (calluses) will begin to peel away. Do not forcefully peel the skin, let it roll off naturally."(1)

This foot peeling treatment comes in a little box with two foot shaped sachets of acid, booties and a complimentary sample of foot cream.
Each side of these sachets is filled with enough liquid for each foot, and comes with instructions on the back.
They also come with little plastic booties with a cotton lining that is super hard to photograph since everything is white. I really like that these booties have a tie top and a little sticker tab so that you can get a good fit to your foot and walk around in the liquid.
As you can see I get a really great fit with the adjustable ties on the booties! I can also walk around in these, though it does make a really fun sloshing noise. I found the liquid to be cold, but I didn't feel any discomfort while wearing the boots. I kept the acids on for an hour and a half as the package recommended.
After washing the peel off my feet look pink and healthy. They feel totally fine, no burning or anything that you would normally associate with pouring acid on your feet for an hour and a half.

For the first two days my feet looked totally normal. On the third day I took a bath while away from home and my feet started to peel a tiny bit. This peeling only happened around the edge of my heel and my big toe. Apologies for the awful photos, I didn't bring my camera with me so had to use my phone!
On day four I gave my feet a scrub in the shower with a loofah and the majority of the dead skin that was lifted from the bath came off, but a couple spots remained.

The next day the rest of those little spots came off and my feet looked pretty much the same as the did before I did the peel. The instructions say that the peeling can take up to two weeks so I waited for more. And waited, and waited and waited and waited and nothing else happened. So after three weeks here is my disappointing before and after.

How disappointing. My feet actually look worse in the after photos. I was really expecting my whole foot to shed a bunch of skin, but the skin on the ball of my foot never shed, and aside from my big toe, my other toes stayed as normal. You can even see the same patch of loose skin on the bottom of my pinkie toe, how did that not get peeled off? Not a winner from me.
Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet
"Foot mask  manages thickened foot horn intensively and treats tired foot into fresh and moist. Highly enriched essential foot mask which makes your feet fresh and moist. 
Wash your feet cleanly and dry them 
Divide foot mask sheet into two pieces along the dot line, put your foot into non-woven fabric wet with essence and wear it.
After wearing foot mask sheet, please massage your feet for the essence to be absorbed.
After 15~20minutes, remove foot mask sheet and tap remaining essence softly for absorption.
Use it as a disposable item"(2)
I also tried out this Holika Holika foot mask! This foot mask is obviously for softening the skin rather than peeling the skin, but uh, it still didn't do too much for my poor feet.
This foot mask came pre moistened so you just pop your feet into the booties and off you go! Since these booties don't have ties, I ended up putting my socks and slippers on so they didn't moosh around too much. I left this foot treatment on for an hour and saw nothing happen to my feet. They felt soft initially, but the results did not last, and the morning after my feet felt just as dry. I saw much better results using the LUSH Peppermint Foot Lotion or to be fair, any other lotion or cream in my skincare drawer.
What I Love
- Fun to use

What I Don't Love
- Only peeled a thin layer of skin off my feet and only in certain areas
- My feet actually look worse after 3 weeks
- My feet were not baby soft for more than 2 hours

Final Thoughts
I am so disappointed by the results of the Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid Shiny Foot, but not so surprised by the results of the Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Sheet Mask. I was really looking forward to having baby smooth feet, but my feet still look and feel as dry and flakey as the did previously. The Tony Moly Peel cost me $20, and the Holika Holika Foot Mask cost me $10, so I would consider these fairly expensive for items that don't work for my feet. I've seen the Tony Moly Peel work really well for a lot of people, but it just didn't work for me.

I bought this product from KollectionK!

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  1. I tried the Holika Holika peeling (got it for 7 dollars). And it worked okay, my feet were in horrible state and at first I thought it didn't even work, but after 4 days it started to peel. I need to repeat it, because my feet were really horrible and it took away most of the solid skin away, but not all. The skin got really rough and solid from walking so much in uncomfortable shoes, now it's much better, but not perfect.


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