Sunday, 5 June 2016

Provided for Review: Select Fairy Mode Brown 1 Day Lens

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Select Fairy Mode Brown 1 Day Lens! These lenses were kindly sent to me by PinkIcon, who have the fastest shipping for contact lenses that I have ever bought from. I have previously tried the Select Fairy Princess Brown Lenses from PinkIcon, which I bought and paid for myself, and really liked!
 "D.I.A: 14.20mm
    Colored D.I.A: 13.50mm
    Water Contect: 38.00%
    B.C: 8.70mm
    Central Thickness: 0.08mm
    Material: 2-HEMA/EGDMA
    Duration: Daily
    Package: A box of 10
    Color: Brown"(1)
These lenses come packaged in super cute packaging, this time it's purple polka dot themed! Since they are 1 day disposable lenses they come packaged separately in blister packs, this makes them easy to travel with and very hygienic. 
PinkIcon also provided a couple of booklets on lens care, as well as other lenses from the same brand! It's nice to see the comparison between the other Brown styles.
These lenses come packaged in individual blister packs. This makes them a really hygenic option because you get a fresh pair of lenses each time.
These lenses are honey brown in colour with a darker brown limbal ring. They are quite pixelated which make them look quite natural.
I encountered a little bit of trouble with my right lens the first time I tried this style, they were so uncomfortable and scratchy that I thought that I had put them in my eye inside out, so I took the lens out to inspect it. The lens was only in my eye for one minute, maximum, but when I took it out it sort of folded up and glued itself together. I couldn't get it unstuck, even after bathing it in regular contact solution as you can see by my wet and wrinkly palm. I had to toss the lens because heck no I was not putting that back into my eye.
I had much more success with the second pair, so perhaps this was just a freak one off incident. The lens design is quite lovely and natural, it features a subtle gradient and is quite pixelated which is more realistic than a hard line. I don't find that this blends in with my natural iris very well, and I do get a halo effect on the outside of the lens where you can see where my iris ends and the eye white begins.
The enlargement is nice and natural with a coloured diameter of 13.5mm. I found that no matter where I went the colour of the lens stayed very much the same, it doesn't appear too much darker indoors, or creepily vibrant outside which is nice.

What I Love
- Free, quick worldwide shipping
- Super cute packaging
- Great natural enlargement
- Natural design
- Mostly comfortable to wear 

What I Don't Love
- I prefer a darker limbal ring to eliminate the halo effect
Final Thoughts
Aside from the random right lens that just felt wrong, these lenses are quite lovely! I prefer darker lenses  with  a more solid limbal ring because I just think they look better on me, so I probably wouldn't purchase these again, but if you're looking for a natural honey brown one day lens with natural enlargement, these are the ones for you! ^ ^

Thank you so much to PinkIcon for sending these lenses for review! If you would like to check out my store review of PinkIcon just click here!

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  1. The color is lovely! I have also had problems with one-day lenses in the past, where some of them just fit wrong and it breaks my heart when I had to throw them away without even using them first. I agree that most one-day lenses are amazing for daily natural use <3

    1. I'm glad to hear you have similar troubles! I thought I was going crazy haha <3


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