Monday, 27 June 2016

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Dolly Wink Liquid Liners in Black and Brown! These are my absolute Holy Grail Liquid Liners, and I would have been through at least 5-6 of the Black Liners in my life!

"Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka.
Big, beautiful, doll-like eyes are guaranteed with this Liquid eyeliner. Ink brush type. Rich, deep black to dramatically highlight the eyes.

Deep and rich black―just a single slick looks like a double application. Dramatically highlight beautiful lines and flicks.

●Outstanding resistance to water
Clings to the skin from the moment of application. Quick-drying and resistant to rubbing or running from sweat, water and tears. The colour won‘t fade over time, meaning your liner will stay bold and beautiful all day long.

●Slim brush head
A slim brush head with good resistance allows you to create delicate or bold lines as you please.

●Remove easily
A washable film-type formulation that‘s resistant to sweat and water, but dissolves away in warm water.

●Contains honey extract
Enriched with honey extract to moisturise and gently care for the skin."(1)
These liquid liners come housed in very cute containers, there are a few Limited Edition designs, though the original pink is my favourite. The tube is quite sturdy and I like to store these tip down so that the liner doesn't dry out. The liner tip is solid, yet flexible and very thin.
Both liners are able to draw very thin, or very thick lines. I did notice that the brown formula is much thinner than the black and can get slightly messy when it's brand new. The black formula is slightly drier, but I prefer this since it makes it much easier for me to get a solid line with no bleeding.
The Black Liquid Liner is my ultimate favourite, I love wearing a very thin line with a tiny flick, so this is a daily product for me.
It works wonderfully, though when looking at the close photos I can see there are little wee gaps in the liner, I can't see these in real life so it does not bother me at all. I love how thin of a line I can create with this liner, but it's also very easy to build up for a thicker line.
I quite like the Brown shade in the Liquid Liner too! This shade is wonderful for a more natural look, and it's a little easier to use since the liner isn't as dark, it's much easier to clean up any mistakes!
It's great for defining my eyes without looking too made up. Sometimes it is quite nice to go for a more natural look, and this is the liner I choose for that look!

What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Easy to create thin, or thick lines
- Lovely colours
- Inexpensive at around $20NZD and last a long time
- Doesn't smudge on slightly oily lids    

What I Don't Love
- Nothing!
Final Thoughts
I really like both of these liners, and I think it is fair for me to call them Holy Grails since I have repurchased these so many times. They are my go-to liners since I know they are easy for me to use and never smudge, though I can't really talk too much about the resistance to water since I have never had an issue with water resistance because I don't swim while wearing make up. This is cry proof for me as long as I don't smudge it with my fingers while wet, which to be fair I think is just down to logic. I think they are fantastic and I am already having a hard time finding a replacement that I like just as much!

I would recommend the Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liners in Black and Brown for any Princesses looking for an easily applied and long lasting liquid liner! ^ ^  

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  1. I love how cute these liners are! It's great that you found no cons with them.

    1. They are my absolute favourites! ^ ^ Thanks for reading! (:

  2. That eyeliner looks so beautiful on you...especially with that gorgeous orange hue on your lips.

    xo Azu

  3. I love the different packaging on them! They're so cute! I've used one before and it generally worked really well. It smudged more than I hoped when the weather got humid though :/

    Belle in Black and White

    1. Aw no! NZ isn't very humid so that might be why I don't have that issue :S Do you have any recommendations for humid proof liners? :D

  4. These seem almost the exact same as the Clio kill black brush liners (my own personal fav)

    1. Ooh I've been waiting for this liner to come back in stock at my local Korean Cosmetic store, good to know it's good quality! ^ ^

    2. The Clio one is awesome. Perfectly pristine after 12 hours plus.

  5. love your blog it's so girly and cute. great contents!! awesome writings!!!


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