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Store Review - Meow Cosmetics

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a super cute website called Meow Cosmetics! You may have heard this name before since I have swatched almost all of these little samples previously. In all honesty, I purchased these in January 2014 and put off doing these reviews because I foolishly bought 51 sample packets. The Store Review is going to be SUPER LONG but won't include any face photos or personal thoughts as it would make it too long in my opinion. ^.^

Website Practicality
I find the website a little difficult to navigate and the aesthetic is not really my cup of tea, but the little sidebar at least gives you categories to choose from. Because Meow Cosmetics has so many different options and colours for not only foundation, but blush, eyeshadow, eyebrow, highlighter, bronzer, primer etc that there are a couple of different screens and tabs to go through which makes things ultra confusing. I think the format of the site could be better, but I can definitely sympathize as to why it's so confusing.
Price Comparison
The foundations are priced between $26.95 - $29.95USD for a 85g jar which I think is very reasonable! They also come in smaller jars for a cheaper price too if you don't want to commit to a full sized jar. All of the other products are below $20USD which I find incredibly reasonable (especially considering the wide range of products and colours). I don't have very much experience with Mineral makeup at all - the only comparison I can think of is Bare Minerals makeup which is much more expensive anyway. What makes this store ideal is that they offer almost every product in 1tsp $1 sample bags. So of course I got about a million $1 samples! ^.^ This is an amazing service if you find foundations difficult to match - it means that you don't have to commit to purchasing a full sized product only to find out that the colour or formula is awful on your skin.

Shipping and Packaging
My package took the standard three weeks to arrive in New Zealand and was super cutely packaged with little cat prints and a little leopard print bag! Too cute! My shipping was free (although I can't remember if that's because of the voucher or just because it was free shipping).
I purchased 51 sample packets (only a little over the top hehe) so brace yourselves for arm swatch city! I've only tried these products once, so I don't really have an opinion on the products yet, so this review will mainly contain swatches and links.

First up are the Foundation swatches! Meow Cosmetics offer a ton of different toned mineral foundations (86 shades to be exact, and then three types of coverage in all shades) which are logically set out in tones down the left, then depth of tone across the top. For example, if like me you are very pale with strong yellow undertones, you would look down the left line of foundation names and colours to find the best description of your skin tone, then across the top to find how dark you want that tone to be!
These are the shades I chose to try;

You may be a Snow Lynx if:  
You are *extremely fair skinned, very pale

You may be an Abyssinian if: 
you have predominantly yellow undertones with beige 

You may be an Angora if: 
*you have strong pure yellow undertones, with no or little beige peach or pink
*you need to cover redness from acne, rosacea, or ruddiness 

You may be a Manx if: 
You have yellow undertones with some peach 

You may be a Siamese if: 
you have creamy undertones, with no dominant peach or pink, but you may see a bit of yellow, peach, pink and beige

Next up are Concealer swatches! Since these are the same colours as the foundation, I only grabbed a couple of different shades.

Our Concealers are the same color as our foundations, but inherently lighter than their corresponding foundation counterparts.
For spot coverage and covering acne, etc, we recommend the matching shade.  For adding to your foundation jar, you may want to try going up in color depth 1 level.

Purrr-fect cover Concealer:

Purr-fect cover Mineral Concealer is our heaviest coverage product.  It's capable of covering most any imperfection, offering nearly opaque coverage.

  • smooth, soft, and easily blendable
  • matte
  • heaviest coverage
  • corresponding shades to all foundation colors !
  • no preservatives
  • no fillers
  • 100% natural
  • anti-inflammatory properties (calming to damaged irritated skin)

Undereye Concealer:
Undereye Mineral Concealer is like an 8-hour cat nap - in a jar! 

  • so super silky, soft, and creamy that you can apply it with your finger or a brush!
  • matte
  • specially formulated for covering dark undereye discolorations
  • added slip means no more pulling and tugging and delicate undereye skin
  • corresponding shades to all foundation colors !
  • no preservatives/no fillers
  • 100% natural
  • anti-inflammatory properties (calming to the skin)
Next we have the Camo Cat Colour Correcting Concealers. This is another example of the random website quirkiness - since there is no search bar on the site and this category hasn't been placed in the "Face" category on the left side bar, the only way to find this page of products is to find it being advertised as a new product in the middle of the regular concealer page. 

Based on the simplicity of color canceling pigments and aided by the multiple luxurious properties of Silk, these glorious Color Correcting Concealers are the newest addition to the Meow Cosmetics line up. 
Camo-Cats c3  Enriched with the moisture balancing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Pure Silk Powder, our Color Correcting Concealers are unlike any other mineral concealer.  They were specially formulated to color correct for a plethora of different imperfections while creating the purrrfect blank canvas for mineral foundations in the process.  
Their supple texture and blendable consistency makes them simple and quick to apply, while concealing a multitude of color related imperfections in an instant.  Each shade is designed to conceal specific skin discolorations ranging from bruising and redness  to extremely dark undereye circles.  Silk Powder offers numerous benefits for the skin, including it's numerous amino acids,  but it's really it's moisture balancing "wonder" as it can self-adjust to allow for changes in temperature and humidity. 

Yellow - Covers Acne, Redness, Blotchiness, Rosacea, purple shadows, undereye circles, blue veins, Dark Spots
Green - Covers Sallowness, Redness, Acne, Rosacea, port wine stains
Blue - When Green concealer makes you appear sallow, try blue as an alternative. Also covers ruddiness.  
Lavender - Covers Sallowness, Yellow/Brown Bruises, Pigmentation issues and dark spots on bronze skin tones
Let's move on to the Primp and Preen section!

Premier Puss Primer (Oily or Combination Formula):
It's the first thing you should reach for, to create the Purrr-fect canvas for applying your foundation!  Premiere Puss Primer Powder prepares the "canvas" of your skin purrrfectly for foundation and creates the flawless, velvety look of naturally perfect skin.  Premier Puss can also extend the all ready long-lasting wearability of our original Purrrfect Puss foundation.  Both primer formulas come together with high-end luxury ingredients that are sure to pamper you,.. and your skin!
The Oily Skin Premiere Puss Primer is a uniquely indulgent formulation for oily skins.  Unlike other oily skin primers that can leave skin overly dry or irritated, there are no harsh irritating or comedogenic ingredients here.  Enriched with the oil absorbing properties of Kaolin Clay, the glorious texture of Silk Powder and the luxurious slip and cashmere-like feel of boron nitride, it's purrrfection for oily skin types, like never before!  
Part Oily/Part Normal skin has finally found it's holy grail of primers in Premiere Puss's Combination Skin formulation. With the soothing properties of silk powder and the slip and silkiness and amazing skin adhesion of boron nitride, this primer glides on to help create the look and feel of balanced skin. 

Top Cat Luxury Finish/Setting Powder:
Like a veil of perfect smooth skin, Top Cat Finish/Setting Powder is the final step in your creation of flawless purrrfection.   Ideally applied last, over your foundation, Top Cat Finish Powder "sets" your mineral foundation for long lasting hold.   Comprised of wondrous Boron Nitride and  the finest grade pure Silk Powder, Top Cat contains proteins and 18 amino acids which are easily absorbed into the skin.  Silk Powder also has natural moisture adjusting properties which  can absorb and release moisture as needed throughout your busy day.  Additionally, Silk is a natural oil absorber, which makes Top Cat Finish powder ideal for touch ups throughout the day, and occasional oil breakthrough.  

Equilibrium Balancing Powder
Equilibrium, aptly named for it's unique moisture balancing and soothing properties, is our first true multi-tasking finish powder. For dry skin, it is the ideal emollient priming base coat. For irritated skin, it is a smoothing, calming, healing primer.  Worn overnight, it can help calm sensitive, damaged or irritated skin. And for all skin types, it is nourishing and moisture balancing top coat with the benefits of silk powder and soothing allantoin. 

Crystalline Cat Glow Powder
Crystalline Cat Glow Powder is untinted and natural by design,  so it won't interfere with the color of your foundation.  As a result, it  appears crystalline white in the jar.  Because Crystalline Cat has no added colors to conflict with your other cosmetics,  it can impart a transparent, translucent glowing sheen, anywhere you apply it!

*not glittery
*finely milled
*delivers a radiant glow when and where you want it

Crystalline Cat  is an exceptionally  finely milled translucent mineral glow powder.  Designed specially for those times when you want to impart a dewy healthy glow  to your skin.  Crystalline Cat is *NOT* glittery, it adds only a "glow" to your skin, without any harsh ingredients.   Use sparingly for the most natural look of radiant glowing skin, or layer and apply anywhere for a  more sensual, daring look!
Next we have some of the random face powders including Skinny Dippers, Sunsplashers, Firefly Bronzer and Blush and Crystalline Cat Tinted Glow Powders.

We all know that a chiseled, contoured cheekbone is slimming.  Now that look is as effortless as a single brush stroke with our new Skinny Dippers Mineral Cheek Contour. 
Skinny Dippers differ from our other new product line, Sunsplashers, in that they are intended to provide a very naked color contour.  Sunsplashers create a natural tanned look, as though you were in the sun.  
One sweep of your brush with Skinny Dippers can make your face appear thinner, more radiant and youthful.  Skinny dippers accomplish this without adding any unneeded color, so you don't look made up, you simply look polished and beautiful, naturally!   We recommend applying Skinny Dippers in the hollow just under your cheekbone for a thinning effect that's very sculpted.   But there are several other options  too, there really aren't any rules, and you'll find these mutil-purpose powders to be infinitely versatile!!

*apply to the cheekbone directly (sometimes a lighter shade is best for this but experimentation will tell you what works for you) this has the effect of emphasizing the cheekbone making it appear raised
*apply just under the cheekbone, in the hollow of your cheek.  To see where this is, you can sort of suck your cheeks in a bit, and apply in the hollow that appears.  This effect is my favorite, and creates a very natural contour on the face that can be slimming and youthful!

*apply as an eyeshadow browbone highlight color

*Apply lightly, over or under your favorite blush or bronzer for a completely gorgeous cover girl look.  

Skinny Dippers have an incredibly natural and supple and slightly creamy texture.  While they aren't completely matte, they don't shine either, making them wearable for all skin types and ages.  
With unlimited applications, they're spectacular for brow bone highlighting and eye shadow too!
A purrrfect cheek contour, completely natural beauty, available in 3 color depths custom formulated for your foundation breed.  Beautiful elegance has never been simpler.

Finally you can look like you lounged all day at the pool, without the harmful rays of the sun.   Sunsplashers provide a sheer, sunsplashed color wash of your foundation! Much simpler than bronzer to apply, and faster than a self tanner, Sunsplashers can go anywhere the sun can, at a moment's notice. 
Think of them as a sunkissed version of your Meow Cosmetics Foundation.  Error-proof and effortless, simply dust on Sunsplashers anywhere the sun would splash you...on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, a little at the chin and shoulders, and you'll look naturally tanned!
We recommend application with a small contour brush or kabuki, and simply apply and lightly buff yourself into a tan.  Just apply and then watch as Sunsplashers meld into your skin and glow like the rays of the sun! 

Our Firefly Collection of blushes and bronzers have a creamy, dewy feel on the skin, and provide a luminescent scintillating sheen of sun drenched color and shimmer.  This collection is comprised of the most sumptuous mineral cosmetic ingredients available.

Inspired by the minerals that are their namesakes, these tinted glow powders have a multitude of uses! Wonderful for brightening tired dull skin, putting a soft focus finish over (or under!) your favourite blush or bronzer, and even as a row highlight, you'll find new uses for these every time you use them. They're super soft and extra finely milled, just like our original Crystalline Cat Glow Powder, but now they're all dressed up with a flush of gorgeous fresh colour!

My second equal favourite category for this wee haul is the blushes category!

Experience the musical, lyrical beauty of PINK in sheer wearable blush shades perfect for right now. This special luminous sheer formula is multi dimensional and lightly  translucent, for maximum wearability (or should we say PINKability??) Available in 14 fun, light PINK-hearted shades, sure to help you transcend nearer to your inner PINK.    

Luminous, lightweight, airy and ever so slightly kissed with unexpected iridescent glow! The Taboo blush palette is a bit  like peering  *through* a rainbow arching across the sky.  Neither sparkly nor matte, these soft and creamy colors will Formulated to be as light as the air itself and lightly kissed with mystical glowing radiance, these are taboos that everyone should have!  

LushBlush: saturated in vivid wet hues, moist and creamy to the touch, with an opaline sheen of glowing lustrous color.  One light sweep at the cheekbone is all you'll need to complete your look.  They are completely unlike any other blush we have ever offered.  Lush Blush provides a glowing flush of color to the cheeks with no sparkle to distract from their rich healthy glow, just an effortless dewy wash of pure color.  

Masterpiece Blush Gallery: Our newest blush collection, uniquely formulated and unlike any other blush you've ever tried.  They're sumptuously sheer, and sweep on your cheeks invisibly, leaving only a pure wash of gorgeous colors behind!   Available in a timeless, ageless palette of classic hues and inspired by the eternal beauty of masterpiece paintings, you'll fall in love with them all!  Bask in their beauty.
The last set of swatches are in the Eyes category!  

Specially formulated to cling to your brush, enhance and control your brows! Brow-taming mineral wonders!  You asked for them and we listened.  Our new Brow Beaters Brow Powders have an entirely different feel than any other product we have ever offered.  They are totally matte, yet soft and blendable.  Specially formulated to tame and color intensify your brow, beautifully.  Their unique texture clings to your brush for easy application and accuracy.  You'll wonder what you did without them! 

Glittery, glimmery mineral eyeshadows by Meow Cosmetics! They're enticing, they're exciting, they're unscrupulous, and you can't get enough of them...They're ScandalEyes!

Finely milled pure mineral shadows, with extra glimmer and shine for those times when something ordinary just won't do!  Sex?  Politics? Mysteries?  We've got them all, and they're available in a scandalous array of colors, so go ahead,...scandalize your eyes with ScandalEyes!

VandalEyes are our newest, most highly pigmented collection of multi-purpose eye shadows.  Silky smooth and designed to be extra long wearing, they're intense and powerful but they are *not* for the faint of heart...Can be applied dry for a bold look, or foiled (applied wet) for the most intense color and sheen.

Our top selling line of mineral shadows!  They're pearlized (or, as we like to think of them, "purrr-lized"!) shadow colors with sophistication.  They're available in a full range of color choices, with a rich, creamy consistency that clings to the brush for easy and smooth long wearing application.  Beautiful colors that catch the light with the soft, glowing, velvety sheen.  Elegant, yet fun, you'll want them all!

Cat Eyes
CatEyes is our exclusively formulated collection of Matte  Mineral Cosmetic Eyeshadows!  Smooth and long wearing, in a rainbow of colors, brush on your best cat eyes and get ready to have some fun!

With just enough twinkle and sparkle to put some pounce in your step, Modern Eyes is less sparkly than our Scandal Eyes  collection, and more glitzy than our Cat Eyes Matte Shadows.  Perfect for every day, day time wear, you'll want them all!
What I Love
- Amazing range of products
- Almost everything comes in sample bags
- Well priced products
- Shipping is neither quick nor slow (neutral really)

What I Don't Love
- Difficult website to navigate (no search bar, whaat)
Final Thoughts
Apart from the fact that it took about a million years to sort through the ridiculous amount of products that Meow Cosmetics stocks, (this is kinda a good thing) and getting quite lost navigating their website, (kinda a bad thing) I think I've found some gems for the pale community! I have tried the foundations, and since I've never worn mineral makeup before I completely failed at using them, so after a bit of research and trial and error I will try again for some first impression reviews! I think the foundations and Primers will be in First Impressions while the rest of the products will be in regular review spots due to the amount that needs to be used (I'll get two uses out of the foundations and primers in comparison to ten uses of blush and eyeshadow etc) so watch out for updates of those! I quite enjoyed shopping with Meow Cosmetics and their products seem quite good from the initial swatches so I would recommend their site for anyone that finds it difficult to match their foundation (super pale or super dark) since there are so many different options including a white mixer!

Well done for making it to the end of the review! Are there any products that you would like to see reviewed? ^.^ 


  1. Waiting for the foundation reviews xD

    1. I'll make it a priority! ;) I'm still struggling with it to be honest though!

  2. The foundation gave me a little trouble at first but I figured out what works well for me. I can't wear their foundation with a primer. It looks fake and just doesn't cover well. I put on a generous layer of a moisturizer (I have more oily/troubled skin so I go for more of an emulsion than a cream) and then, while my face is still slightly damp, buff on the foundation with a kabuki brush. This makes my skin look flawless and airbrushed, even my problem areas, and the formula of the foundation is good enough that it lasts all day without primer and controls my oilies (the pampered formula needs powder at some point during the day but not flawless). If I have any horrible spots that the foundation isn't enough for I use the concealer but with this method I rarely need it. This is the only foundation I have ever used, mineral or otherwise, that looks so much like my skin with this method that I can't tell I'm wearing makeup even with a magnifying mirror.

    1. This is an excellent suggestion, thank you so much! I'm still struggling to stop it from sitting on top of my skin and this method of application sounds like it might do the trick! (:


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