Friday, 20 March 2015

First Impression - TonyMoly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tonymoly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack! I trialled two of these little sample packs during my month in Taipei, and I found them really helpful during the cold weather to rehydrate my skin!

What Is It?
"Tonymoly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack moisturizes and vitalizes skin while sleeping. Its gel type consistency allows for better absorption and the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. Pomegranate extract is an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals, creating smoother skin more elastic skin.
Directions: After nighttime cleansing, apply a generous amount all over face. Leave overnight while sleeping. Cleanse face in morning." (1)
This sleeping pack has a thick gel texture and leaves a soft matte, moisturized finish on my skin. Matte and moisturized? This gel makes my skin look matte but feel incredibly soft and moisturized, and somewhat sticky for about 30 minutes before fully absorbing. Sometimes (if I skip the sleeping pack the night before) the gel absorbs faster, but since I generally do my skincare routine an hour before I go to sleep this stickiness doesn't bother me too much as my hair is up in a lazy bun/plait and I'm trying not to touch my face anyway! 

I feel like this sleeping pack does help fade out my acne scarring and brighten my skin up because I feel like my skin looks a lot healthier and brighter when I wake up, but I don't think that two sample sachets are enough to come close to forming a solid opinion on a product. This is just the first impression that I got from the product, (obviously).

Would I Purchase This Product?
Maybe! This worked really well for me while I was in Taipei during the cold, heavily air conditioned conditions, but I'm not convinced that it would be as good in the less air conditioned conditions of New Zealand. I am pretty keen to try the full sized version too see if it helps fade my acne scarring though since it is becoming problematic again (and I can't afford the Skinfood Omija Whitening skincare *cry cry*).

Have you tried this sleeping pack? Did you see any brightening results?

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  1. Oh yes, this guy.. I got it too, first a free sample, then a pack of samples, and then a big pump dispenser which was actually surprisingly cheap I think..
    I liked how glycerin-rich it is, moisturizing so heavily without oil, and that it has so much hyaluronic acid, and arbutin against dark spots.
    Now as I have really oily skin I just don't end up needing it much and suggested it to my mother. She absolutely adores layering it between her serum and heavy night cream, apparently it works wonders in terms of moisture and smoothing there. But I can't say anything about the whitening, both of us test subjects use it too irregularly.



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