Monday, 16 March 2015

Store Review - Ebay Seller Etudehouse-korea

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about an Ebay seller by the name of Etudehouse-korea! This Ebay seller is meant to be the official Etude House seller on Ebay, but it seems like they are no longer selling anything, which makes this store review incredibly pointless. Yet here we are anyway! I'm not sure what happened there, but since I had the draft of this done in February (when they had products listed) I thought I would just publish it anyway!

Website Practicality
I'm not sure whether I really need to talk about the practicality Ebay itself, but I found Etudehouse-korea's listings to be incredibly aesthetically pleasing, having a full description of the store itself on every listing and good quality photos. Ebay is a 50/50 place to shop for cosmetics because it's very common to find super cheap fakes pretending to be the real thing, but it also has Seller Protection, where you can enlist Ebay's help to get your money back from un-trustworthy sellers. 

Price Comparison
There's nothing listed anymore, so this section is irrelevant, but will be updated if they ever list anything ever again!

Shipping and Packaging
I made an order with this Ebay seller back in October 2014 for one limited edition lipstick that I couldn't find on any other online stores. Unfortunately, this lipstick never made it to my house. This is my third missing package in three years, but after raising a query with the seller using Ebay's Seller Protection program, I had my payment refunded through Paypal, purchased another lipstick (I really wanted that lipstick!), and it arrived two weeks later! 

This seller features free shipping, and my package arrived in the standard plastic wrapping, which I did not take a photo of due to being incredibly annoyed at some irrelevant things to do with moving houses (moving sucks so bad, apart from finding cute things I thought I'd lost!). Nothing was damaged or squished during transit which I thought was pretty incredible due to the box only being wrapped in a thin layer of plastic.

Etude House, we really need to have a serious talk about you spending all my money because of your incredibly gorgeous packaging. We also need to talk about putting glitter in ALL your limited edition lipsticks, please stop that. It makes my lips look super dry and gross, but I can't get rid of the lipsticks because the packaging sucks me in! Please just make a couple of them rich cream colours or matte and I'll be so much more satisfied.
This is the Dear My Blooming Lips lipstick in the shade Talk Etude Pink, and it cost $19USD from Etudehouse-korea on Ebay. It features the same hard, pink casing as the regular Dear My Blooming Lips lipstick, but with a different little glittered spray and embellished E rather than a small metallic bow. The packaging is adorable, however, obviously not travel friendly or storage friendly.
This lipstick is a gorgeous pink colour, but features the bane of my lipstick existence - glitter. I now have almost all of the Etoinette lipsticks from Etude House and I hate that they all have glitter in the formula, because it makes my lips look so weird, dry and tends to slide to the outside of my mouth within 10minutes.
I can't quite decide if this is a heart shaped caridge or a crowned heart with weird little tendrils.

What I Love
- Quick refund
- Good communication
- Great product

What I Don't Love
- Package was lost (out of their control)
- They don't list anything anymore?

Final Thoughts
I'm not sure what to make of this seller since they no longer actually sell products? But in any case, I would buy from them again! They quickly refunded the full amount of my lost package so I could purchase it again (which doesn't always happen with awful Ebay sellers *shakes fist*), the product was gorgeous and well priced! I'm just super confused as to why they don't sell anything anymore, so if you know, let me down below! ^.^


  1. the packaging of the lipstick is absolutely gorgeous! tooooo cute! too bad they dun have any listings now..

    1. It's absolutely gorgeous huh! ^.^ I'm not sure what happened to them, it's weird to sell so much and then nothing at all!

  2. hmmm probably since Etude House opened a global site they feel no need to sell stuff on eBay anymore? ^^ the lipstick is gorgeous!

    1. This is a good point! I'm not sure when they first started selling on Ebay, but when I made my purchase both stores were open and running!

  3. Hihi I love this lipstick too, but bought it at Jolse and came safely for my Bday in October.
    I believe they don't sell anymore at ebay because the opening of the Global website. I've purchased throught that too.
    Regards, have a good week ^^

    1. Hmm that seems to be the case! It's such a beautiful lipstick huh! ^.^

  4. The packaging is so cute :3 I have one too, but the box came squashes and the lipstick fell into three parts; love the color though it's so gorgeous, I got mine from another seller and they were quick to refund me so I wasn't too mad hehe

    1. Ooh how did it fall apart? Must've been thrown around quite a bit during transit! ><


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