Thursday, 12 December 2013

Review: Mont Bleu Design Glassware Nail Files

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing two glass nail files from Design Glassware!

I bought these nail files in April this year in a joint shopping adventure with Polish Armoire. I had been wanting to try an alternative to my standard sandpaper quality $2shop nail files that made me cringe every time I filed my nails, and these gorgeous nail files provided me with another option!

I bought two nail files, one full sized and one mini travel sized, both made with Czech glass. I decided to buy the mini file with Swarovski crystal decorations and the full sized file plain.

Mini Nail File B-S4 - Bubbles Clear - Pink Blue

 "Mini nail file that is perfect for purse and travel. "Bubbles Clear- Pink Blue" with Swarovski crystals is made of Czech tempered glass.
Mini nail files do perfectly fit any bag and are easy to take to any destination while travelling. Considering Czech made glass nail files are the best nail care tool, you won’t need any other with you.
These nail files are made of Czech hardened glass in Bohemia, Czech Republic. No matter they are small, they will last a lifetime, as we give lifetime warranty on abrasive surface. Length of file 90mm/3.55 inches. Check out our manicure sets containing tweezers, nail scissors and small glass nail file, if you are going for a long trip.

I absolutely adore this little nail file! The Swarovski crystals are so shiny and gorgeous, and it's the perfect size for my handbag. There is nothing worse than going shopping, splitting your nail and not being able to file it down *cringe* I love that this file comes in a little velveteen slip so it's protected while it's in my handbag! I don't use this nail file as often as my full sized one, but it's still as effective at filing as the day I purchased it!

Clear Glass Nail File
"Czech made clear glass nail file with lifetime filling surface. Presented in protective plastic case. Medium size.
Transparent glass nail files that file nails without injuring them – best choice for home manicure.
High quality glass nail files are made in Czech Republic, Bohemia region. The files have lifetime warranty on the filling surface and are two sided. The length of the file is 135mm/5.32 inches."

 This is my everyday nail file! I have been using it to shape and file my nails since I bought it in April, it doesn't feel like it's loosing grit and it still does the same amazing job as when I first bought it! I haven't included many photo's of the naked file because it's transparent, so you can't really see anything! (Getting the camera to focus on these files was really hard!)

I bought this nail file unadorned, plain or "naked" because I wanted to decorate it myself! I made a small tutorial to show you guys how I deco-den my nail files. ^^

You will need;
Naked Nail File
Epoxy Glue
Cabochons, Pearls, Gems etc
Sticky Ended Stick (I use blu-tac on the tip of an orange stick)

(Click the Image to Enlarge)
I love love love the way my file turned out! It's super kawaii, feminine, and has the unexpected advantage of being really easy to hold because of the bow on the tip! ^^ This deco doesn't affect the quality of the nail file, it just makes it a little more personal.
Things I Love
- Lifetime Warranty on the nail files
- Doesn't blunt easily
- Less noise than "sandpaper" files
- You can buy decorated, coloured or plain files
- Fantastic at filing nails!

Things I Don't Love
- Shipping takes a week or two (I can't remember exactly how long sorry!)

Final Thoughts
I bought these nail files so long ago and totally forgot to write my review on them! >< I absolutely adore them and I don't think I could live without them anymore! I will probably buy another couple at some point in the near future so I can decorate them and keep them as spares in case something tragic happens to the original two!


  1. this is such a cute idea, decorating it yourself! I think adding cabochons would also make it easier to grip. I want to get one of these =)

  2. This is so adorable! *A* Would be an absolute perfect gift for those nail people we all know. <3
    Thank you so much for the review! They look absolutely beautiful! Loving how sleek they look~


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