Friday, 6 December 2013

Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the highly requested Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum! I bought this Hair Serum from RoseRoseShop for $5.20USD 

The Hair Serum comes in a cute little pink plastic container and is dispensed by a pump. The pump took quite a few pumps before the Hair Serum would come out, and very little is dispensed.

The Hair Serum is very dense and has a thick viscosity. It's very very sticky, and after applying it to my hair I have to wash my hands before touching anything else! Even resting flat, the Hair Serum still takes time to settle flat.
For my hair, I need about 3-4 pumps of the Hair Serum to cover one half of my hair. That's quite a lot considering the bottle is quite small! 

I have moderately frizzy hair that's naturally wavy, so I did two tests with the Hair Serum. With the first test, I applied the Hair Serum to the left half (right half on photo) of my hair and let it dry naturally, while leaving the other half plain.
The Hair Serum didn't make much, or any, difference to my hair. It didn't make my hair feel any nicer, nor did it make it look any healthier or shinier. Both sides looked and felt the same.

For the next test, I applied the the Hair Serum to the left side of my hair (right on photos) at night, and then french braided my hair into pigtails to sleep in! If I wash my hair at night I absolutely ALWAYS sleep in plaits (otherwise my hair gets too tangly) and it makes really lovely waves when I unbraid it in the morning.
I found that the Hair Serum made very minimal difference to my hair. Again, it didn't make my hair feel any nicer, nor did it make it look any healthier or shinier. Both sides looked and felt the same. If I get really picky and look super close, I guess the Hair Serum made my hair ever so slightly smoother, but it not very noticeably. 
What I Love
- Fairly inexpensive
- Slightly smoothing

What I Don't Love
- Need to use A LOT (not great value for money)
- Doesn't make my hair look any nicer, healthier or shinier
-  Very sticky texture, need to wash my hands afterwards
Final Thoughts
I usually adore any and all Etude House products, but this one fell quite flat, and I am not a fan. Before purchasing this Hair Serum I did read a couple of reviews and they were all quite negative! I decided to purchase it anyway because a lot of the negative comments were centered around the fact that the Hair Serum made their hair feel greasy or heavy. While I personally didn't find that my hair felt greasy or heavy, (I have very thick heavy hair anyway) I found that it really didn't do anything at all, so I may as well not be using it!

I hope this review was useful for you princesses! ^^ Have you got any Holy Grail haircare items you think I should try? 


  1. When I have read it's thick I thought it could be a good cheap dupe for Kerastase Elixir Ultime (my HG, definitely recommended, a bit pricey but worth it and lasts forever:D), it's a pity it didn't work out :/ Also you have such a beautiful hair! :)

  2. Hey booboo, I just bought the silk scarf hair mask pack and I had the same didn't help my hair at all, this is the one that comes in the jar. My hair might've looked a little straighter but IMO that's not a good thing because I have wavy/curly hair. This was also a flop line for me. :(

    I suggest trying out Goldwell Curly Conditioner if you have wavy or curly hair. It really helps fight frizz. =)


  3. Hmmm, yeah this doesn't look too impressive a the moment. :/ I guess I'll be skipping that particular product.
    Although your hair looks lovely anyway! ^_^

  4. Such a shame it didn't work for you :( your hair looks great though :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

  5. aww i love your hair and your blog, its so pretty!!

    im a new follower from italy!
    come and say hi: Alice's Pink Diary
    Alice's Pink Diary FACEBOOK PAGE

  6. I love your blog! i tried the silk scarf essence its pretty good :) great review


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