Monday, 16 December 2013

Manicure Monday: Glamorous Pink Performance Nails

Hello Princesses!

Lately I've been so indecisive about what I want to do to my nails, sometimes I can't figure out any designs and then sometimes I can't decide between two designs and end up doing one on each hand. ><

I actually did these manicures at the start of December while I was doing music competitions. I needed to have an Oval/Almond shape so I wouldn't have to worry about my nails being in the way, but I wanted something light and feminine, and something that I wouldn't have to worry about chipping or wearing. Vinylux was the obvious solution for this! I wore these mani's for 7 days without major chipping or tip wear. I'm already halfway through my bottle of Vinylux, I need more!!
On my right hand I wore Vinylux Romantique with I Love Nail Polish's Angel Burp and a simple diamante ring finger accent. I'm constantly surprised with how many people think that a full diamante finger requires a lot of effort, when really you just paste tiny gems on your nail. ><
On my left hand I wore Vinylux Romantique with diamante's down the center of my nails. Again, this looks pretty fancy (apparently) but requires very little effort! I bought the rhinestones from my favorite deco store FullMoon07 and I really need to stock up again!

I'm still not sure which mani I like better! Angel Burp is such a gorgeous polish, especially layered over a beautiful pale pink like Romantique, but I also think that the straight line of diamante's look equally glamorous! What do you princesses think?

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  1. Oh wow~ I love the second one! <3 It's really different compared tot he styles I've seen lately!
    Thank you for sharing as always~


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