Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Manicure Monday: Laziest "Christmas" Manicure Ever

Hello Princesses!

This Monday I felt like getting into the Christmas spirit, but didn't feel like I wanted to spend hours doing my nails! So I did the easiest Christmas nails in the world. So easy, they're barely even Chrismas themed.
On my left hand I had Zoya's Chyna, which is an absolutely gorgeous liquid sand. Usually this polish has a matte appearance, but I top-coated it to help the diamantes and bows on my nails stick. I actually quite like the glossy look!

On my right hand I have Zoya's Chyna (in it's natural state) with a full dimantied ring finger.

For me, this is a really lazy manicure, but people keep staring at my nails and thinking that I was either really really bored or just plain crazy and impractical. Strangers also automatically assume that they're acrylics, I think it's the Almond/Oval shaping. 

If your wondering how I think these are Christmassy ... It's because they're red. If you're wondering how they were easy ... I had the diamante ring finger from a previous manicure and the liquid sand dry's faster and harder than other polishes ><

1 comment:

  1. I love the grainy look when it doesn't have the top coat! *A*
    And I am. Hahaha. 8'D
    I recently did my nails with just a sparkle top coat, since I was so tired and lazy.
    But these don't look lazy at all! They're really adorable. <3

    Thank you for sharing!



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