Monday, 16 September 2013

Manicure Monday: Bond Girls

Hello Princesses!

 Whew! My weekend of craziness is finally over! One and a half more weeks of teaching and I'll have some well deserved (sort of) holiday time! ^^
I decided to try Almond shaped nails this week. I've never had nails this long before so I've never had the chance to try some of the longer nail shapes. I'm not sure if they're a full Almond shape, or somewhat of a cross between Almond and Oval, but whatever they are, I'm liking it!
This week I'm wearing the OPI's Bond Girls polishes, Pussy Galore with Honey Ryder on my ring finger. I really love Liquid Sand polishes, and Pussy Galore is one of my favorite colours! But find it incredibly awkward when people ask me what polish I'm wearing, (I'm talking about the high school students.) 
How awkward.

Strangely, people keep asking me if my nails are real or not. I'm talking about people that see me every week too. Surely they're not that different looking from the old Oval shape? 

What do you guys think of the new nail shape? 


  1. I'm stunned by your nails! (*___*) They look so sparkly and the sand effect is really fashionable. I also love the combination of a soft baby pink and light gold <3

    I can see how it can be awkward explaining the names, though (O__O)

    - Abi from Kiwivanilla

    1. Hehe thank you! :D Yeah the sexual names are not great for under 18's ><

  2. Uwaaah! I've never tried nail polishes like these! It looks so pretty!! I wish I owned these polishes so my nails could look as pretty as yours<3

    1. I love love love love the liquid sand/textured polishes! :D They are a huge pain to take off though hehe so be warned! ;)

  3. I love this! I'm gonna try it with my liquid sands :D

  4. LOVE YOUR NAILS. omg I seriously love your manicure monday series. This looks awesome!

    xx Mandy

  5. They're beautiful!! I really like the color combination ^-^

  6. Beautiful nails! They're so long! And that polish is gorgeous.

    Love your blog btw, New follower here :)
    -Gabriella @ CosmeticsCrush

  7. Really pretty nails!

    A while ago you tagged me for the Versatile Blogger award and you can check out my tag now. :)


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