Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Review: Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector Oil free BB Cream

 Hello Lovelies!

Today I will be sharing a review on Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector Oil Free BB Cream!

Currently in my collection of BB Creams is four miniature Skin79 BB Cream's from Yesstyle, Missha's Signature Complete BB Cream and Hanskin's Silky Treatment BB Cream, so I decided to try a Western brand of BB Cream! 

Being a girl with oily skin, I get a lot of hit and misses with foundations. Especially when trying to find ones that fit my pale and yellow/neutral skin tone. I have always wanted to try Garnier's BB Creams, but I had never found a tester of them to try out, and considering I have to always look for the palest foundations (and a lot of the time they are still too dark) I thought the risk was too high. I decided to try Garnier's Oil Free BB Cream because since it's summer time, that means I will be getting tanner anyhow (and it was on sale for $15) hehe! I can never resist a bargain!
I bought the shade "Light", (of course!) The packaging is fine, nothing spectacular, but functional. The BB Cream isn't very thick, so be careful not to squeeze the package too hard otherwise you will end up wasting product! Garnier claims that it mattifies the skin, reduces the appearance of imperfections, hydrates, evens skin tone, gives a healthy glow and has SPF 20.
The colour was still somewhat too dark for me, but over my Signature Radiance Makeup Base the colour is almost OK! However, even though this is an Oil Free BB Cream, and it claims to mattify the skin, I couldn't bear to wear it without a finishing powder on top. I looked very shiny and oily. :/

BB Cream and Translucent Finishing Powder
The BB Cream is thin in consistency and spread very easily. The BB Cream by itself did not cover up my darker acne scars but was sufficient for the lighter scars and large pores.
I ended up trying the BB Cream out with my Missha Signature Radiance Makeup Base, and I think it turned out pretty good! It was not toooooo dark and covered most of the scars. I wore it for a performance at the Gisborne International Music Competition, and after 30minutes of performance under bright lights it was still holding up its (semi) matte finish.
Cursory photo of me in my performance clothes in the warm up room! Sorry for the quality, the nerves were making my hands shake!
I think the BB Cream looks a lot better over a proper base. In comparison with the Asian BB Creams I own, the Garnier BB Cream has less coverage. It also doesn't leave my skin with feeling soft and nice after I remove it, which is disappointing. One of the good things about this BB Cream is that it comes in different shades. Most Asian BB Creams only come in one shade, so you either match it or you don't!
Overall, I think it's a product to try. I don't feel like it quite measures up to Asian BB Creams, but it is a cheaper alternative that is easily available in New Zealand.
Things I Love
  • Almost light enough for my pale skin
  • Relatively good coverage
  • Smooth Consistency
  • Cheap, and available in New Zealand
  • Relatively Oil friendly 
  • Available in three shades

Things I Dislike
  •  Not really matte
  • Doesn't leave the usual nice and soft feeling after using BB Creams
  • Oxidises really badly
Has anyone else tried the Garnier Oil Free BB Cream? What were your thoughts on it?


  1. I was wondering how's this Garnier's bb cream. Great review, I might want to try this! Thanks for your comment on my blog, for your question, the lipstick color I used for the "Black and White" post was Kate Moss for Rimmel London - No. 12


    1. Oh thanks so much for the reply! ^^ I'll have to watch out for the lipstick, such a beautiful shade!

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  3. Hello I was reading your blog about the maybelline dream pure bb cream. Would you recommend the garnier or the maybelline one?

    1. Hello, definitely the Maybelline Dream Pure BB, the Garnier seems to be quite orange toned with less coverage in comparison with the Maybelline BB. (:


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