Thursday, 6 December 2012

Review: Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick

Hello Lovelies!

So when I was out shopping in Gisborne recently I found a bunch of new lipsticks being sold for $2 each! Being the bargain hunting budget girl that I am, I bought 4! ^^ Actually one of them was $1 because it was a bit munched up and unsealed. Sounds gross I know, but it was my favorite colour out of all of them, so I just cleaned it off and was as good as new! ;)
Turns out they are from the Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick range!
Guess which one was $1? Hehe! I bought C337 - Rose Luster, A34 - Born With It, A55 - Orchid Frost and A60 - Windsor Rose
The packaging isn't exactly pristine, but hey, $2!
The colours are super cute! A34 and A60 are pretty similar, but A60 is a matte finish while A34 has some shimmery sparkles ^^ They are also amazingly moisturizing! (Sort of a no-brainer since they're called moisture extreme lipstick) They kind of remind me of Revlon's Lip Butters, except the Maybelline ones are more pigmented.
My favorite right now is A60 - Windsor Rose ♥ Its such a beautiful pink colour!

Hope all of your holidays are going great!


  1. Such a bargain! Love Windsor Rose shade!

  2. Great shades of lipstick!

  3. I love Revlon lip butters so I'll definitely check these out.

    Check me out sometime :)



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