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Review: Missha Signature Radiance Makeup Base

Hello Lovelies!

It is getting SUPER HOT in New Zealand right now and I'm desperately trying to stay out of the sun! I love being a pale girl (Personally think I look awful with a tan) but somehow nearly every summer my face ends up being tanner than my neck and ... err ... chest. >< This summer I have been trying to be extra cautious to keep my face pale, but somehow its already tanner than my neck! NOO! I'm sure for most people this wouldn't be a problem, but when I try to match foundation to my skin, I always end up looking like I've had a fake tan on my face but not my neck ... Not very attractive.

Thankfully while I was in Auckland I found the Missha store! I'm not sure how many Missha stores are in New Zealand, but this is the only one I've seen so far. While I was in Taiwan last summer I picked up Missha's Signature Complete BB Cream after reading rave reviews on their BB Creams. I love love love Missha's BB Cream, so I decided to try out some more of their products!
I picked out the Signature Radiance Makeup Base in Green. Why? Because I don't actually own a makeup base, and sometimes my skin tone can get very uneven with pink blotches. Green makeup (concealers, bases, foundations etc) are known to minimize redness and even out skin tone. 
 Shiny ^^

For $46NZD I got 35ml. The packaging is effortlessly beautiful and has pretty little engravings on the top of the cap. It has a pump applicator, and I find that one pump is more than enough to cover my face.
 The colour is green (well, of course!) and you can see the patch where the base is applied on my hand is whiter and brighter. The texture of the base is very smooth and reasonably thick. It feels very moisturizing, but not oily, which is super important for me and my oily prone skin.

No Makeup
  With the makeup base
Keep in mind that this is a base that is meant to go underneath foundation. I think that it is a really good base for me, it pales out my face (even the tan!) so I'm able to match my foundation easier, it also helps cover up my acne scars on my chin and cheeks. Its coverage is amazing, sometimes I even skip my foundation if I'm running out of time! As with all of my other foundations, I set this with my favorite Transparent Finishing Powder from M.A.C.

 Makeup Base
 Everyday Makeup

Excuse my nose stud hole! ><
I found that the base is not great with dry skin. Sometimes I have dry patches around my mouth and in between my eyes, and the base emphasizes any flaky skin. Like most foundations or concealers I own, it bunches up around pimples, but it's not awful. 
Overall, I love this base! ^^ For me it feels like I get to start with a blank canvas when putting on makeup with this base, rather than trying spending time trying to conceal redness or scars. I think it is a very good product for a reasonable  price, although it is slightly higher than I would usually spend. I feel like it helps me stop getting as oily in my T-Zone than I usually would. I also don't have to use as much foundation as I usually use, which is kinda like saving money! I love saving money! 
Things I Love
  • Classy Packaging
  • Easy Application
  • Minimizes the redness of my skin
  • Helps with oil control
  • Moisturizing
  • Great Coverage

Things I Dislike
  •  Slightly pricey, but nothing too extravagant
  • Emphasizes dry patches

I have always wanted to try Lioele's Dollish Veil Vita BB cream which comes in green or purple, which was on Yesstyle's site briefly, but I always thought it might be too expensive to risk since I can't test them out to see about the oil control. Has anyone tried this one?

Hope your all having a wonderful day! ^^


  1. I started with the Missha M BB Cream but since it came with a sample of the Dollish Veil Vita bb cream so i tried it out. Since then i have been using the Dollish bb Cream without going back to the Missha bb cream! It's not that the Missha bb cream not good, but the Dollish bb cream (purple) is so good I can't have enough of it:) my skin looks so natural as if I haven't put any foundation on. I didnt even need any more foundation on top of the bb cream. It not only evens out my reddish skin tone, it also covers up my blemishes in a natural way!! Highly recommend!!

    1. Ooh thanks for your review! I think I might give it a go! :D


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